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99 Portal: Twin Flames Jumping Through Holding Hands

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

I visited Anja Tus in the morning, she saw the 99 portal and twin flames jumping up trough it, the pairs holding hands. I told her in the vision to jump. I haven't seen me and Yuri enter yet, feels was if we are waiting holding space. The other day i saw a report that the 99 is gonna be huge for twins

I ask galáctics for some confirm but they only say "listen to your feelings". It was such a profound feeling of "father did it, he brought everyone together" so much gratitude and joy

It's also quite difficult to stay angry, your laughter helps so much. I was able to let go emotions from the fight a lot faster than before, it's getting quite difficult to hold on to it. It's like sending a wounded child so much love. Almost lol not there yet fully, still some blocks to pop but I'm feeling the process is going to speed up quite a lot.

With Anja we were both feeling in the morning as if it's time for the masculine to make the step, they are ready but are running away from themselves

Pops those stairs i see you climbing... It's the stairway home. You carry all the children in a bag on your back. Mom is around you eterically protecting everything

And i see her eating a green/yellow apple does that mean anything? Yes she's enjoying it a lot

Haha mom says one more thing: big kiss! 😘😘😂😂💖💖


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