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A Message from MotherGod to the Daughters: You are My Gentle Warriors

Channeled message 11/30/21

As I walked on the gentle wet grass, my feet touching the earth through which the divine energy of the Mother of all Creation entered me. Her love danced on my skin and soaked into every cell of my body. The sun shone on the part of the meadow in front of me, and in the glow of the light the outline of a woman's body shone. My feet began to move on their own towards the light, towards the person. The heart took over the command and strongly pulled it into the distant light on the meadow. I stepped faster and as I gained closeness I also gained in feeling. I went to a meeting with the Mother of all Creation… Waw 

breath caught as the wave of love took over me so strongly… the feelings of merging into Oness, all that love is, HOME and grace took over every atom of my being. I was home in an instant an I was EVERYTHING. I approached Mom and stared into her soft, beautiful eyes full of grace, gratitude, serenity, acceptance, understanding, and everything, but most of all, unconditional love.

Her non-physical voice penetrated the depths of my heart like a summer wind.

I feel you and I know the time has come when you feel you are on the edge of your capacity and endurance of what you can handle… the world of brutal male energy of exploitation and abuse has wounded you to the depths to make you feel irreparably dismembered and never possibly put back together. Grief has inhabited your bones and the morbidity of the world your heart. Feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction turned over your mind. A pure soul in you, pushing you for MORE, your body telling you No !, no more traumas, I can barely carry you now

But dear daughters, dear women, you have forgotten that you are warriors of the divine, warriors of love, you have forgotten what it really means to feel and create from it…

You are weak because you let yourself be a victim. Victims of yourselves. What happened to your kindness, heartiness, patience, consistency, and unconditional forgiveness. The warrior knows what she is feeling and stands in this truth of unconditional love, and transmutes everything else into pure love.

Mother Earth is a woman, look what she’s doing! She takes everything that can harm, that does not create a new life, use it – change it, transform it – alchemize it so that it becomes a part of life. This is also your job. Take all your limitations and transform them, transform them into a pure unconditional creation. You are at a point where there is no more path, because this time the path is directed towards you, inside of you. The time has come to put aside millennia of abuse of feminine energy and release it within yourself. Really release, completely surrender to the feelings and responsibilities you have as divine guardians of Mothers Earth = Heart. You are my daughters and I am Mother Earth, Mother of All Creation, Mother God so remember that as a part of me who you are, you are also the mothers of the Earth and thus the unconditional guardians, truths and protectors of it. And only unconditional love and sacred union of woman and man can reign on Earth=Heart.

I love you all my beautiful children… You are my blessings and surprises…


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