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Creation BREATHES as the fakeness dissolves; the BOOMERANG EFFECT

Many big ones will start to fall. slight-workers

This is God's mission. The biggest LOVE STORY in creation. Everything coming back together AS ONE. The light and dark, the good and bad, or whatever else you wish to call it. The future and the past, the whole spectrum from - to +, coming back at 0, the present moment of now of all eternity, when you wake up from the dream but you also realise that creation is a dream, a magic of imagination and your heart-wishes, expressing itself in infinite ways through the evolution. It has already happened, we have already won, and "they" know it. You're experiencing it's manifestations in the physical. Be present and be patient Humanity is evolving. That's what we came here for. We have been here many lifetimes and you know us under many different names. You will remember again

You will remember again where you come from. The long lost memory (stolen, actually), that "they" so wanted to keep away from you. Because thats's where your true power is. In union with all = God = source = The Creators (MOTHERFATHER) and the creation = your family = ...... , the energy of all of us, the hearts of us all. The FAMILY This is Mother's and Father's mission. They are the ones who are "bringing the two spectrums" back together. Bringing everyione into oness. Conducting and directing the whole DIVINE PLAN, with all that this includes. Removal of the dark forces, your dna healings, restoration of your memories, cleaning of shit off earth.... all of it that you put into this "ascension". That's how the plan was made. 144000 especially, you have been helping with this for a long time, and not just on earth Our mission is to support them. All the activations, healing and transformation that you have been receiving, come from the work that Mother and Father have been putting in. And all the else as well. Whatever you do down here on earth, in which ever way you wish to help and contrubure to the greater good of humanity (and creation), this knowing has to come first. God first. That's simply how it works. The creation (=source = all = motherfather) breathes, and when it does it blesses EVERYONE and EVERYTHING with it's infinite love. You are to recieve this, but also "give your breath back" . No, not by dying. You dont die, its an illsuion. You give it back by giving. By your simple gratitude and humbelenss of what you have recieved, giving it back and sharing it with all This is where for some it gets a little bit tricky Many are in the illusion that they are "giving back", but trully, their energies are not completely divinely aligned. And with this, it turns into taking You will start seeying some big names falling. Many have already fallen, and more are to come, many which will come as a surprise. On all levels, including some "Big" (s)light-workers. Many who presented themselves as big leaders. Why? Becase the true leaders trully know "who they work for". They keep their humbelness and are aligned with the breath of creation. Understanding, God works through them. They hear Mother and Father and they do what they are told. Understanding the law of where the energy comes from and where it goes back to. Creation said "no more stealing of my breath, my love and my blessings". If you receive it, but don't know how to use it correctly, because in you fake mask of love and light you don't understand the true humbleness. Well, the boomerang effect is gonna hit. In this, you will see many either completely "flip" away from what they have been "teaching" for years (mom and dad are the true teachers, we share), or strongly find comfort or "saving" in Jesus. Mostly because they need to learn what being truly humble means. To remember, there is someone "above you", someone who CREATED. not "above" in 3d hierarchy sense. Simply the knowing how creation works and having respect for it. You came from Source, the great cosmic sea, the heart of Mother and Father. You cant act like you're the whole sea, when you're simply a drop in it. Yet with this, yes you are connected to it all, one with it all and you have the power=love of it all. But you are not THE Source. You are a part of it. Balance this with your strength/power. Which is love. Know your true origin This, in turn, will help many sleepers wake up. They have been held under a fake web of fake light held by the fakers. Many are almost on the verge of break-through. "the membrane" will pop Related to this, you will also see that many "techniques" that people have been teaching and using, will not work the same way any more. "Manifestation techniques" being one of the biggest ones here. Again, the boomerang effect. If you don't know your humbleness and true service to this mission, you might soon find out that your wishes will start to haunt you. You will realize, that what you wished for was not at all what you truly wished for, as it was not aligned with your true mission, but came from your own desire hidden under layers and layers of fake spirituality. God is the Giver of Dreams. Many of you have received or will receive, but then soon your "blessings" will turn into nightmares. Well, God gave you what you asked for. It's all good, its all part of your lessions. On the other side, for many of you who have felt "forgotteen" and "lost" in some ways or another, as you have been comparing yourself to the "big and fake ones", have no worry as Craetion sees you. Keep pushign forward with your strenght and followigng your heart. Everything will come full circle Creation wishes to take a BIG breath in and out with it's full lungs. Actually, with it's every pore. (yeah, you can remember how to breathe through your skin, practice it). Everything that is blocking this, is being removed We welcome you Home, dear family send us a message, we are here :) love you

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