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Daily Magic with Crystal children: Don't you have a brain?

I'm occupied with Y, H is whining for me to open up the balcony door to let some fresh air in. She's sitting in her bed, about two feet away from the door, she knows how to open it by herself

I tell her to get up and do it on her own as I'm occupied.

She keeps whining (it's kinda one of her "things", needs to be brought into balance")

I could tell her the same thing again. But she already knows

I could raise my voice, or soften my voice, but she already knows

She kinda just wanted to be whining (taking energy)

So I laugh

"H, don't u have a brain that is capable of thinking that you can open the door by yourself?"

Both H and Y laugh

Two seconds pass and H goes back to whining. She so wanted mommy to do it for her "lazy butty", knowing very well mommy was doing something important and needed a minute

Me: "well, I guess H's brain switch has been turned off. Let's click it back on"

Both children laugh

She finally gets up, still acting as if she's whining, opens the door acting as if it's the most difficult thing in the world, turns around and starts whining that the door doesn't want to stay open. The door-stopper was right next to her. She knew it, and she knows how to use it

Me to Y: "Maybe H doesn't have a brain?" (Teasing her, like the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz)

Y laughs

H is getting it at this point. Don't suck from mommy when you can do it yourself

She puts the door-stopper under the door, and goes back to her bad as if nothing has happened

Right then I just finish what I was doing, I collect the things and put them on their spots, but I was slightly too fast and distracted = out of balance

I start looking for an object that I have already put in its place

Y laughs and goes: "Mommy, don't you have a brain?!"

We all laugh

Just like that he instantly snapped me out of my spin

Children are awesome

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