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Daily Surprises for Mom-Trust by Daniel

Through the open heart, trusting and accepting the energy we move through, when we surrender we remember we are safe, loved, guided. As we were driving our house from one state to another we had popped a tire on the popup trailer. As I got out to change the tire I realized we didn't have a tire iron, so I started to wave passers by down, but car after truck after car they kept moving. As I asked and prayed to God and all the energies that were flowing to bring someone to help, another vehicle pulled over. As we were fixing the tire with the newly arrived tools, we were exchanging stories and we actually had great keys and confirmations for each other. After we finished we had exchanged gifts numbers and love, we had met a brother on the path and brightened the path. As we drove off, the rehearting was so beautiful about the Truth of the friends,family, and community is that we are all connected, and every moment has the opportunity to be love and joy as we always have a choice.

Thanks and Gratitude for the Mother and Father, for infinity and beyond.

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