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Earthing a Daily Sacred Practice with Mom and Dad

Earthing (the practice of consciously walking bare foot on the earth) is a sacred pratice to help us plug in  to the consciousness of Gaia to restore, rejuvenate, ground, nourish and nurture.

We receive electromagnetic curents from the earth that enhance our overall health and wellbeing.

Benefits of earthing :

- boots mood and increases energy

- regulates nervous system

strengthens immune system

- relieves muscle tension and headaches

- reduces pain & inflammation

-clears and protects your system from

dangerous electro magnetic fields (EMFS)

- boots metabolism

- improves quality of sleep- regulates sleep rhythm and resets biological clock

Standing on the earth with the love of Mother and Father in our hearts we have so much to be grateful for, beauty, abundance, shelter protection and nourishing connection.

Thank you Earth, thank you .other and Father I love you.


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