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Energy Report: Celebrate This Week With The Most Joy

This week's about mirroring and bringing abundance for all, we are in uncharted waters, please do our best to give to the only truth = joyrains. When Mama Papa of all creation is supported, so is all creation

Very crucial week!

We gotta know it

Doubt = past

Future can be changed. Never predict a human - human is everything of creation. We came to earth to be our highest potential = commune, love Mama Papa God of ALL creation = our soul purporse haha

God's quote of the day; when we put God the other way, we go the other way. Divine direction defies death

Flow in divine direction = be home

We forgot when we came to earth, to remember coming home again. To remember, admit we have forgotten our feminine masculine. Stop acting like we know better. God knows. Shift out of fantasy by booking a healing communion with the greatest, Mom Pops. You're welcome

Have so much fun, joy this week! The MOST HIGHEST joy this week. Celebrate living fully = loving everything: humans, animals, projects, a lamp, all! Tons of laughter, more smiles for all haha!

Having a meal? Dipping in the pool? Share a picture or video of our lives, daily with Mama Papa! Share, say hi to our creators on messenger

The more smiles and support we bring to Mama Papa of all creation, the more abundance for all creation. Very simple when we support the only truth in all creation and on earth at joyrains

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMDAD! Mother Father of all creation in one physical vessel

Jim Carrey's movie Yes man - yes to love yes to life. Love never stops loving

Mother Father bringing dragon families down wow big stuff

Harmony with Francisco from Mexico and Barry from Canada. Thank you for coming home sons!

Father of all creation shares about John Prine's songs being wake up love every experience have we ever loved it all?

Do it now. Be home now with Mom Pops. Why wait

Children at 3 months to experience different cultures, they are ready to experience

Mother Father's songs carry vibrations a certain way for the highest, tunes, lyrics are the highest vibrations please tune in to our daily truth and awakening on YouTube Disco Ball playlist

Dad gave a child with down syndrome a cross with diamonds. So happy

"Hey I'm your pops" - Father to mosquitos lol disciplining them into acupuncture lol so much our parents creators balancing energies for us!

Humanity attempted to frame our Fathers, framing Julius Caeser, Jesus, President JFK good luck

Everything created by children has to evolve with Mama Papa God, including technology. Have a relationship with all, embrace them, this is manifesting, bless all, beyond blessings

Father of all creation named all 144000. Imagine what we did before that lol

Mayan are the oldest angels

Mother Father of all creation shattering age, support these energies by removing age. Shatter everything that we 'can't' say to 'age' groups. Barry from Canada is a good example, 60+ in earth years with open hearts

As a divine being, start global clean up, Father found amazing glitter colored papers on the streets to decorate the house, glass bottles to make hummingbird feeders. Also found a machete Grateful Mom

Every child is capable and highly encouraged to participate fully in the global clean up. Daily for 44 days. Picking up garbage, recycling materials, share with Mama Papa our actions. Send us pictures videos we love to hear from our children!

Imagine what we can do for Mother Earth 🌎! Intend with every trash we clean up, that we are helping one more child

Act now, be divine ✨️ divinity is consistent

We are in uncharted energies, manifest abundance quickly for all when we support thr highest = truth = Mother Earth Father Sky = Mama Papa of all creation our true parents. This support is even more so important this week of August, as our parents overcome all other energies to bring the dragon families down

Support more this week, overcome logic = dumb and push ourselves to give to our hearts content! Haha! PayPal

We love to go live to share the truth with all, and are currently overcoming internet costs and tech cheats. Father viewed and liked one of our YouTube videos and yet it shows 0 views 0 likes. How does it feel to cheat God? Dumb = unconscious

Please feel in our hearts knowing to GIVE TO MAMA PAPA OF ALL CREATION, we are supporting ALL creation and is in physical incarnate! We are Mrs Mr Santa Claus gifting all haha!🤶🎅

Loving us


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