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Etheric Energy Surgery Testimonial from Anna

As I enter to type my testimonial and download office word on my phone type in my password the first doc tells me all roads lead to mom.

Fuck Yeah they do!

Ironically thats the name of my first testimonial I meant to share with the world. I didn’t feel clear on how to represent mom the best. Humanity is so weak its hard to tell them anything. Like a deer you cant spook them. Or so I “thought”. I wasn’t afraid to tell anyone anything but I wanted it heard. Felt on a mom level.

In my experience it comes out on a mom level anyway if you hold it in too long and that ping comes and you love mom too much to deny her what (thes no words to describe love)

Heavano folks this is the present moment of mom everywhere present

Present moment of ascension

That moment of times up has been here ding

If your in the heart you can feel it. Well see it in eachother. Words are tools not rules

You cant call being real sessions. This is moms ascenion. Mom has ascended. Ding what ever we are doing is effecting Reality so feel and surrender and mom always said the disclosure would be us reuniting with her in our heart (that’s literal not metaphorical)

Could we have gone up on starships yea will starships come yea is it going to be before we love ourselves what part of no do you not understand

Stop waiting stop wanting stop asking stop taking stop choosing fear

Stop and smell mom feel mom receive so you can be in unity equals our ascension

Were all going together so get over it

Whatever people arnt transforming we are transforming at the speed of light

All of humanity needs to hear this. How is oh fathers lulu helping anyone. Get over yourself and help transform or shut uppppp

No one cares about your unascended ass opinions ding

Moms gone stop singing the fear song like its someone elses job to do your work

Dads the shit get with it

I don’t even know how to describe what it feels like these last 3 days

Dad said we started the physical building today. Guess what if youre in the heart you FELT this no words. I love mom and I couldn’t stop sharing how much I could feel it the last couple days

Forgive yourself for believing sharing from your heart was self important

From your heart folks not what sounds good not what looks pretty ding bee real

If youre trying to be real and some frequency comes through atleast you came from your heart to start and the rest is what we transform

Wow haha whoaaaaa

Refresher guys mom gave us a tool that encompasses everything I learned at mission with mom

Faith let us know all we had to do was say I transform unworthiness I transform blame I transform …

Then it went to i am %1000 clear

And we were! In a moment we were clear.

That was 2 years ago

If you care start saying this all the time make new ways your intention is the medicne the magic the ascension the real the conscious living

Dad removed all kinds of stuff from me and I want to say fuck you to anyone this triggers get it together and do more so you can see love ...

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