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Field Report - Finished the 6th Realm

What happens when God stays up for 72h?

A lot of pressure.

Are the warm summer months inviting you to be in nature, relax and express yourself?

Is the energy also pushing and pressing you from all directions, pushing you to be greater in every moment?

The 6th realm is completed. The bridging of 6-9 has started

Doubt energy coming up for transformation. If you're not in pure Love, you're in doubt. Why are you doubting love?

Why are you putting conditions upon Love? Unconditional Love? All the labels have been dissolved. Love is love, one and whole and true, it's simply Love

6/11 in the morning energies came in that wanted to kill God. Yes, humanity hates God - truly, they hate themselves, they hate themselves for not being the best that God created them to be. You can't push the blame upon God. It is your own resistance. Accept the responsability of it

All the wishes have been canceled. The Dreams are the truth. Dream, imagine, children of God!

God must be first or you have no God.

Not listening = not carrying.

Give thanks to Mother for Life, give thanks to Father for the protection and provision.

Mother and Father are here for you, always. When will you be here for them?

We Love You

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