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Mother God’s Dream, The Return of Lemuria

Updated: May 29, 2021

By Mother Of All Creation 07~16~2015

Greetings Beloved Light Human Beings, As many of you know, an important shift has occurred in the Energetic Grid of the Earth, and is still occurring, since the Summer Solstice. Through all over the Planet on June 21st 2015, Millions of Beings expressed their Intent to create a Better World.

During this day, we, known as the Bird Tribe, had a Ceremony to open a Portal for the Activation of the New Lemurian Nation, on the Surface of the Earth. Now is the time for Divine Order to be brought back on Earth=Heart. Now is the time for the New Lemuria to rise from the Depths of the Sea, to rise from the Depths of Our Unconcious, to Fulfill the Most Ancient Promise, that we made of Merging Together as One, Again.

We are now entering into a New Phase in the Divine Plan, the Rising of All the Ancient Lemurians, whom are known as the Bird Tribe, whom will be Born Together as One Again. It is time now for us to Unite with All of Creation. Through the Power of Gathered Beings, Focused on the same Intentions, we are able to Create Greater Realities, we are able to participate Energetically in One of the Biggest Shifts that have Ever Occurred in All of Creation.

Through Co-Creating this New Lemurian Nation, We, as a Giant Lightworker Community, will use it as a Platform for our Ascension, and for Spreading the Energies of the New Paradigm upon the Human Civilisation.

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