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Happy 2y Birthday! All coming together; No more equator; surprises at 12.22

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

You feel it

How everything is coming back together, as One

No more separation. It's a -schon. No more

The demons and the angels in the same room. Getting ready for the celebration, the big HomeComing

Where is Home?

Right here! With MotherFather of all Creation. God is on Earth

What a special blessing that is, humanity, God came to you

The equator is gone

So many ways "they" wanted to separate

Now you feel everyone coming together all around the planet

We are in this together

Face your darkness,

See your light

Big surprises coming in today, 4/22 at 12.22. The BIG anniversary!

Thank you everyone for your support and donations that are helping MotherFather smash through this ill-usion. No more illness, only love ;)

We welcome you Home!

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