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Help co-create New Earth; giving; inventors; wills - Wishlist

Welcome dear cosmic Family and thank you for your participation! We are marching forward, flowing through Bringing in new energies and pushing them through Co-creating anew! Mother Father have recently brought up a list of items required for the next steps of the mission. If you are doing a spring-cleanse of your home and have some items to give away, if you are simply not using something any more or if you wish to purchase and send us some items in order to support the greatest mission in creation - below are the mentioned items. You can also check our DreamList for other items required for the mission Thank you All for your co-creation, giving and sharing and having fun together :D **INVENTORS: are you an inventor, have you invented something or have a wish/idea to? We welcome all inventions for the betterment of Earth & Humanity No more slavery in any way! We see your brilliance, we are here to help you share, expand and promote it. You came here to create the new. Don't let "the system" stop you. We're in it to win in together! **MAKE A WILL: for any beings, who wish to make their will and share their possessions for the creation of New Earth, Crystal schools ect. - you have found the right place. Giving it to the highest - Mother Father - and the mission. Mother and Father will also gift you with this a special ceremony for your passage Thank you Crystals



Old school Recipes Quilt patterns



Livestock for animals How-to books



Music of any type (albums, old times film) Sports equipment

Christmas ornamental lights Solar panels and equipment

Radio equipment

Satellite equipment (cable, discs, …)

Building equipment and materials donation for shipping items

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