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How to be beautiful 怎样变成为美丽 P1

Hello everyone I am Luna, today's sharing is on how to be our own beautiful.

One day, dad - Father God - Father of all creation raised the energies on me. Lol! When energies are raised, lower energies come up for us to see. When we surrender to love, surrender to God, and willingness is key, we can transform the energies into higher energies

So dad triggered by raising the energies on me and I saw unworthiness energy within me, which is a lower energy. I cried in unworthiness (lower energy) when the high energies triggered my lower. So dad suggests I reflect on it. And as I reflect in the bathroom (mirror), I went to a much higher energy, a much higher dimension. It is such an incredible and beautiful experience, it is also my first to experience my entire being radiating I AM BEAUTIFUL, every atom in my being radiates the super knowing that I AM SUPER BEAUTIFUL. A powerful knowing/experience in the unified field. It feels like I am flying, lighter

So the 1st way is to surrender to love, Mother Father God. Both of them are incarnate on earth, helping, guiding all of humanity to find our beauty, find our greatest love, find our highest versions. What an amazing journey. When we are worthy of love, then we will be able to see, recognize and know the truth, that Mother and Father of all creation are here on earth

The 2nd way is to sing love songs to ourselves (very powerful!). Look into our eyes in the mirror and FEEL the love we have for ourselves. As the 1st step to find God is to 1st love ourselves - love sees love. God = love recognizes Mother Father God. Also because our eyes are the windows to our soul, feel the love for ourselves looking in the mirror while singing

The 3rd way is when we shower, send love and beauty to each each our body parts as our bodies are made of love and beauty

The 4th way is to do something we have never done before. Challenge ourselves, and find the confidence and beauty in the challenges and tasks

The 5th way is to use tools, for example wearing earrings. One day I wore earrings after long moments of not wearing them and I felt I was dancing in the wind as I feel the earrings dance in the wind, I feel so beautiful lol. And as dad is Father of all creation, he knows everything, our everything, he pointed that out to me and suggests I wear earrings as he knows I feel beautiful in them lol

The 6th way is when we wake up, tell ourselves we are beautiful and know for sure within our beings, feel we are beautiful WOOHOO! Lol

The 7th way is to choose to be brilliant in every moment, choose to be love

Imagine all of humanity are confident in our beauty, then we will see the beauty in others. Imagine all of humanity feeling the beauty in ourselves, how would our planet be?

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