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Journey to the Center of One

What has God our Mother and Father of all Creation have in store for us today? A pretty cool question to ask yourself upon waking to each new day. Mother Father and I have been blessed with such an adventure. To explore Father's hometown together and travel the roads and byways of Mom and Dad's earthly creations has been very unique.

Mom and Dad have been facing injustice for quite some moments. We are called To be a part of and participate in a team operation to right the wrongs of a system that says you're guilty until proven innocent. Mother and Father are the greatest examples of having to take this on. Yet through the experience of working as one to set it right has many blessings and lessons within as well.

Such an all encompassing experience brings forth an allowance of teamwork, inspiration, and unity for the right cause. And not only for God, yet also a ringing of truth throughout creation that says, "we stand for justice and Integrity on behalf of those children on the Planet wronged by the persecution of systems that siphon energy and steal freedom."

The brilliance of God in all this? That they took it on for all of us their children. And to be successful in freeing God , frees children , brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers everywhere. For seeing the challenge that God faces and has faced inspires motivation to stand for all else whom experience similar. No one should be without freedom and furthermore the very idea that this freedom is taken in the interest of financial gain is unacceptable.

These are the truths being magnified to humanity in these moments during Mother and Father's journey. Beating the system of control and enslavement by witnessing how powerful a stance of justice can be rippled out and crack the ceiling of the matrix even more.

These unjust things will not continue as decreed by Mother and Father of All Creation. And respect from the very center of our hearts is further cultivated for those whom have empty cups to fill. Also it is embellished into a motivation to say enough is enough with this treatment of God and their children. It's high time to get there, in one's soul and body. To see that together we have each other's back, and that this love for integrity and justice is the chink in the armor of a system trying to make brilliant people feel less than the way God created them, Divine.

A very special thanks to the PAC and all the beings whom supported operation free God. And a special thank you to Mother and Father for creating us incredible enough to work together and figure it out. Most of all Mom and Dad thank you for going through these things for us, you are a beacon for those children done wrong by the system.

Within the totality of gratitude,


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