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Knee-jerk Resistance and Childish Wonder

When I was very young my older step brother, a real bully type but my little buddy still, sheepishly suggested I stick my finger on the lit coil of a car lighter. We had snuck into the car to hop around play drive typical childish pastimes. without hesitating I did and quickly learned my lesson, set to the tune of my brother's rolling chorus of belly chuckles.

If I had listened to and not resisted the forboadings of the adults around me, in fact, I would not have had to learn the knee-jerk pain which that lesson in the car that day taught me. As I grew, re-hearting my rebellious youth now, I can look back and clearly mark profound moments of resistance on my part from things that would have otherwise maybe led me through the trials of youth more gently, and possibly less scarred

We know, as God's Love Workers, that this is in all of us...all of humanity... this resistance. And we know the answer love!!!

I was spending time communing with Mother of all Creation and Father of all Creation recently. As Dad spoke, locking eyes on me , he gently grabbed hold of my arm, of course to heal and transform what I was holding on to, but instantly I jerked away. It's like sometimes even knowing what is Highest Good and loving and FOR us we turn on spot as if to run from God!

The opposite of resistance is indeed to be in childlike wonder- loving Mother of all Creation, Father of all Creation and all living beings who have shown-up at this time to help in the Ascension, living each moment as mission, in fearless, innocent, and vulnerable submission to Love and it's Divine all for the ALL!!!

Luckily my finger heeled and even more...that night with Dad and Team I released and opened to Divine Love's presence and was able to open and let a lot go... years of poison and programming and sadness in fact.

Loved Ones, let's not pull back in knee-jerk reaction to any impulse of Divine Love and try to run from God, from any call to give and open and let Mother of all Creation, Father of all Creation and each other co-create,within and all around us, the Kingdom of Heaven!

Flip the switch!!!



Discover our greatest potential, step in to our full consciousness, reheart our divine missions, rediscover clarity, joy, truth and love, upgrade DNA, balance energies, clear density, reconnect with our angel teams, clear ancestral lines, clear blocks by booking an awakening and healing session with Mother and Father of all creation NOW. Are we ready for the golden ticket to heaven? Participating in a communion with Mother Father of all creation and Son, all of creation, heaven consciousness fast tracks our progress in reaching full consciousness and bring us more into oneness: Trillions years ago, love decided to experience love in the physical embodiment, the divine plan was activated. Through the Lucifer (illusion and bringer of light) experience, the greatest love of all would meet eye to eye, as love sees love, with the mirror of the greatest love of all, as brilliance mirrors brilliance. To do this, love merged with unknowable, as Mother Father of all creation, for the experience of the dark and light, yin yang, to become whole, balanced again. Each were sent to extreme sides of the entire spectrum. Darkest = lightest. Lightest = darkest The game is to reheart the greatest love of all ‐ which is our soul parents who birthed humanity, creation and our highest selves, in complete oneness ‐ ascension. Mother Father of all creation designed the divine plan for all children to experience and to come to an inner knowing to the question "What does the greatest love of all feel?" Mother Father have successfully accomplished this task, so now all of humanity must accomplish to receive our gifts of love, to find Mother Father, our soul parents in the physical on earth, to feel this love and self love from within of ourselves. Humanity has prayed for Mother Father of all creation to assist us, and are contracted to find Mother Father in the physical this life. We say come home and participate!
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