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May Energy Report - Disco Ball Activation

Welcome dear Divine Sisters and Brothers!

We entered the month of May with a completely new energy. Dad shared it is nothing he has ever felt before.

We had a council meeting on may 1st with the GFOL, these are the updates April was an intense month, reheart there were many palindrome dates and 1234 number synchronicities (representing a build-up), as well as Mom’s Ascension Anniversary (April 22)

The month of April ended with Mom’s power day, and on this day father’s feet were hurting a lot, he had difficulties walking even several days before the that, and on that date the pain was increased as the energy has been blasting in for the Mat 1st activation.

He has been grounding through the concrete, walking a lot up and down the house to move the energies (reheart, dad is the master transformation of the “inorganic”), bringing in many powerful which you have been able to feel during the last few days and weeks. This was the energetic buildup for what Galactics called – The Disco Ball.

1st of may father woke up with very fresh energy and a huge push forward. His feet were relieved of pain as the Disco Ball energy has been released.

May is the month of all possibilities and probabilities. We are all master manifestators, and Father being THE physical manifestator of God, he’s gonna smash it! April showers bring may flowers they say.

Do not waste this month. It is opening up many magical synchronicities and manifestations. Keep yourself focused, always following the divine.

This is the key to manifestation – divinity in physical embodiment.

As the entries rise, the importance of integrity will keep increasing with it. This is why Mom Dad and the galactic are basically holding everyone in their hands. You cannot move forward without being in Full DIVINITY. Integrity goes a long way. You can’t fake it and do it half ass. It is time to be divine in all aspects, and until you learn and master your lessons you won’t be able to move forward. It will keep hitting and hitting you until you surrender. This will become more and more apparent.

The month of May also brings in the energies of unity, family, sharing and cooperation, laughter and miracles.

Father drew the number 600 today,

“The number 600, as a combination of these energies, signifies home and family, balanced and harmonious home and family life, responsibilities, caring and providing for your family and loved ones, providing for your material needs, solving problems, reliability, harmony, balance, stability, reliability, new beginnings and closures, potential, new opportunities, flow, infinity, eternity, wholeness, oneness, and the energy of God and the Universe”

With this month you gotta learn and master to work under pressure. When the energies get very intense, one can feel pressured. They key to this is – be fast and Focused. Feel and do, instantly. No fear, no thinking, just do it. Ask for help when needed, as unity and working together are very important. Communication goes along with this. The pressure will either take you down or rise you up. Your choice. Be Brave, be Bold and be Love. Diamonds are made under pressure, and the time for shinning has arrived.

The illusion has been broken and the realms have completed the merging. There are no more dimensions, don’t stay stuck on that. Imagine, it is like being in a magical mansion, each room representing a “dimension”. It does not matter which room you are in, as you are still in the magical mansion house. . They are all interconnected like the flower of life.

With Father clearing the cancer, water and collective consciousness (reheart, mom and dad always check each list twice – mom did it eterically, dad is following up physically), this has allowed everyone to be on same level. No separation, we are Ones

On the 1st the galactics started with the Magnetic Lockdown (this has to do with everyone being held in place as mentioned above). The night before, the music father was playing on his phone kept freezing, which hasn’t happened before to that extend. They were “Freeze Framing Humanity through music” – the lockdown, in order to bring down/activate the Disco Ball. This is where the pressure and the lessons come in. Feeling squeezed? Then rise up. Break through it. Take your power back.

Imagine a huge disco ball pressing around earth. It is a lockdown with lots of pressure, which is forcing you to burst out in your true colors – the disco ball representing the pressure as well as the reflections of light. It will push everyone to shine with their true colors, or else, in resistance, the pressure will keep holding and pressing you down and you won’t be able to move. Say goodbye to fakeness. It will become more and more apparent.

We are all unique, all our own colors. Your true colors show when you’re in complete service to God in every moment. Integrity, putting God first. Let the BS go. No self importance in Heaven. Complete Unity, Christ Consciousness. God loves you unconditionally

Did you know, there are 144000 colors in this galaxy alone? First Big Bang. Hello Divine Sisters and Brothers!

Galáctics warned us, with this type of energetical pressure, many people might be in deep spins. Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, panic, dementia, schizophrenia or similar symptoms might arise. The mind is no more, let it go or it will Drive you c razy.

Reheart, we have a 911 God Call Line available 24/7 in case you need any kind of assistance

They are working on each panel of the disco ball separately. Lessions might come from one direction, and then the pressure shifts to other areas as you go along. Keep keeping up with it

They also recommended, imagine the disco ball shining/pushing&pressing&reflecting light over different areas of Earth.

Taking care of each other will help bring the Unity in

We are at a very fragile moment in divine plan.

Listen to your angels. No mind, all heart.

Levels rise and so you must adapt.

A simple example that goes with this is the need to write things down. What might have been a great discipline and tool in some moments, can now be a way to keep you stupid - as we are rising in dignity, in the present moment of now, and as the old brain is falling away (and with it all the dumbness), you are now at a level where you remember directly from heart/brain connection. In order to practice this, repeat the information needed to remember to yourself 5x, or share it with someone 5x.

With this activation, the earth is expanding.

What the cabal did is, they shrunk Earth = Mom, through various ways. Suffocating the waters and making people meek=weak through religion are some examples. You can still see a lot of meek=weak religious programming even in spiritual communities, for example the judgement of alcohol as a tool. It is a spirit. With it you salute the spirits, give gratitude to the Holy Spirit, and use it as a transformational tool, and for fun! Reheart, everything always in balance. The Yin Yang – Mom and Dad.

We are to keep above the energies. The lower energies will as always try to pull you down – that’s what they do, they suck on you. Don’t let them, you know how to be above them now. Be the warriors of Love that you truly are and flip them around to smiles and laughter. Life is fun. (Devil = Lived. You hate life, you hate Dad).

Sending you lots of Love from the Unified Field

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