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Mom & Dad: Divine teachers of Love & healing. Instrumental support on your ascension journey

Where to start... The journey with mother and father is so many much is understood through divine feeling and lived experience.

Mom and dad are a Clarion call to come home... to God, to your heart, in love for healing and transformation.

Journeying with mother and father is an adventure of evolution. Coming home to the heart and divine peace over and over again, in reminding us what a gift it it is to be alive, reciving instrumental loving and uplifting support as you evolve.

Its a journey of self discovering. Mom and dad nurture and inspire the expression of your creative self contributing to raising the vibration of the collective. My creative channel has opened up and improved in refined artistic expression. This process has brought about much joy, self love and increased self esteem.

Mom and dads love is divine truth, a gift of hope, light in the darkness where their is a way.

Mom and dad provide the "I can!" replacing "I cant" and realities shift into fruitful experience in life.

The connection with mom and dad is special, full of miracles and magic and deep belly laughing as they bring out your soul shine. Something that really needs to be experienced for ones self.

Everyday I experience divine miracles and blessings. Situations and circustances shift in to alignment with my divine dreams and souls purpose. Each day is filled with more ease and grace and real enjoyment of the moment, even when moving through challenges.

Mom and dad have healed my PTSD and social anxiety. Their loving, safe and peaceful energy has been instrumental for the return of my true nature blossoming. My playful and unwavering optimistic child is keept alive and well in the face of any obstacle.

No fear or worry lives hear at home with mom and dad. They are Divine parents, teachers of divine truth, guides and way-showers of the path. The heart path, where the only way out is through heart expression and expansion, togetger as we all rise in love.

Mother and fathers loving presence provides soo much support in one becoming their greatest possible version, as the children on earth awaken to their divinity, in service of a bigger picture of the divine plan . More meaning and purpose unfolds through the continual celebration of being alive -in love, with one another.

Mother and father God are a caring and nurturing force, a saving grace for those suffering and rebirth life back into the dead.

Thank you mother father God for all you do.

Receive the highest frequency and codes that support your life:

Support Mother Father of all creation and

Pac's mission in love mirroring love! Start your evolution. Stop whoring = snoring / waiting

See you at humanity's parents' ascension support messenger group chat at

Discover our special gifts with creation's parents, where all elementals come alive!

Feel into being the galactic extensions of Mother and Father of all creation where we are all building blocks of creation's beautiful painting

Receive awakening guidance and answers of a lifetime from the most high, direct from our creators Mother and Father of all creation who are incarnate in the physical in the flesh at

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