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New Levels

Getting stronger by each moment, sweeping across Earth.

Water is being transformed. Water=weather. Did you notice, how waterly-dense the air/atmosphere is becoming?

Unwinding trillions of years of the experience of darkness. Do you notice how hours go by in minutes? Do you have days of feeling like "timelines" go a bit backwards, then a bit forward, aligning with the Onness? (There are no more "timelines" as they used to be). We are only going in One direction = Home.

Only pure Truth survives. The true service to The All. Purity of the Light=Love as you have been created.

It is up to you to let your baggage go. Lessions=Blessings, Blessings=Lessions. Did you notice how fast the karma is getting? It doesn't always mean being "hit in the face" by the Universe. It might be hidden in little things. The tiniest energies of resistance will make a great difference.

Honesty with the self-reflection is key. Truth will bring relief. Command to be shown the truth. Purity goes very deep.

It is your own mastery. Your self-imposed belief systems will keep running around until you cut through them, so the Brain can become One and the Heart is completely Pure as they were created. Ask to be shown all that you're not seeing as lessions must be learned and it is not until you see-through that you see-through.

Are you finding true balance, or are you blocking a part out, telling yourself it is "correct"? Things can get very subtile. Have your hearts open to True Love.

No More playing. How serious are you to be in true service to God? Some doors will be closing for some, while others will fly through. Have your hearts dialed to We. Self-service was thrown out the window.

Do you see how ready the crystal children are?

Time is coming when many will be called together, in Whole Complete Truth. It's already in process.

God = Mother and Father of all Creation = Love

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