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Oracle Card & Energy Report 5/6/22 - Disco Expansion

Welcome Divine Children, dear beloved Sisters and Brothers!

The energies keep rising and rising, as the Disco Ball is expanding, and with it the Earth in All Love is. Earth=Heart

They are working on each panel of the Disco Ball separately, activating it one by one.

Today they started a big expansion of the Disco Ball, which will continue for the next day or two. Expansion, Pressure/Push and Speed will continue to be the main energies felt. Reheart, the 'speed' energy is a bit different now than it was weeks ago. As we are moving into Divine Alignment in every MoMent, speed means precision and action. Manifestations are opened, it is up to you to go out there and grab it. It requires physical action aligned with energeticial output. Don't wait for it, now is the moment, go and do it. This way you will keep flying higher and higher up. Reheart, there are no obstacles. They are part of the illusion. There is always a way, to flow with the path as doors are always opening.

The pressure requires us to keep rising in perfection. Those little things that you know aren't right... It's time to stop. Little things matter, don't ignore them. Laziness is the biggest stop usually for people. Gotta move your booty ;) :D I

If you look around the illusion, most everything is in squares, straight lines, boxes. Life=Love is a flow, a spiral, circles - vesica pisces. Father saw today the people on earth as little cubes. Disco Ball is, well, a ball, and you have to become a ball to bounce around on the party! Squares/cubes will either froze or keep falling over. In other words, they are 'rounding our energy up", removing all the sharp edges that were part of the false. You better get over yourself and all your BS fast. That's our advice. If you have difficulties with it, book a communion with Mom'nDad. They will guide you exactly. Reheart - perfection, meaning divinity in all moments, is not tension. Therefore, be relaxed, smiling and in the softness of the flow in all moments, no matter how fast or slow the river is flowing. Tools and some good music will help you. Btw, we have a Communion Dance Party going on daily

Perfection - in divinity - is being in the perfect flow of Love river, in integrity and purity=christ consciousness=complete feeling (reheart the card from yesterday?). Let all and any tension go

All the density - send it to Father, he will recycle it. All your fears and worries, let them go to be transformed in the purest love of Mother and Father of All Creation. Breathe in their Love, feel Mom, feel Dad.

Notice the synchronicities all around you. The matrix was created as a school (and a trap - while at the same time a school). Synchronicities are your signs. It's piercing through the realms.

And lastly, to trully fly with therse energies, you have to be in joy in all moments. Everyone, Heaven on Earth is constant joy. You gotta make it fun yourself! It's better to dance at the party than sit in a corner :)


(Doreen Virtue's Magical Unicorns Card Deck, Golden Card Deck, Uno Cards, Baseball Cards and Mom's Card Deck)

- Unconditional Love

- Blue 9

-10 od Diamonds

- Golden Certificate card and As of Spades

- 10 of Hearts

- It's Okay to be Different

- Queen of Hearts

- 5 of Hearts

- 9 of Spades

- Love from your Parents

- Green Stop

- 8, 7 and 11

Do you feel how the energy of the cards has changed as opposed to the last few days?

Love You

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