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Oracle Card Message 2/5/22

A very beautiful card spread today

(Using Doreen's Virtue Magical Unicorns Card Deck, Golden Card Deck, Uno Cards and Mom's Card Deck)

A completely new energy is coming to Earth with May. The Disco Ball has been activated

Magical Unicorn Card Deck

- Try Something New

- Family Culture

- Forgive

- Wish Upon a Star

Golden Cards Deck

- Queen of Hearts

- 8 of Hearts

- Ace of Hearts

- Golden Certificate Card

UNO Cards

- red stop card

- Wild Card

Mom's Cars Deck

- Divine Expression

We have been receiving wonderful plates of food from the neighbors. So grateful!

What have you done for your neighbors/community today?

Sharing is Caring

If you wish for us to pull some cards for you, send us a message

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