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Oracle Card Message 4/30/22

Lovely day Family!

These are the messages that came up today.

(Using Doren Virtue Unicorn Card Deck, Golden Card Deck and Mom's cards)

Unicorn Card Deck

Thankful: Think about the People and Things you feel Grateful for

Wish Upon a Star: Make a wish and expect the very best

Grandparent: You have a special bond with a grandparent that can never be broken

(This was Father's earth grandmother coming up. Father shares that next to Mom, she was the strongest woman he's ever met in his life. Very grateful for her teachings!)

Golden Card Deck

10 of Spades

9 of Cubs

5 of Spades

Certificate card

Mom's deck




We wish you all a wonderful day.

If you want us to pick some cards for you, send us a message

Love you

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