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Oracle Card Message 5/1/22 and Schumman resonance

Mom's Card Deck - Divine Genuineness - Divine Joy - Divine Hope - Divine Empathy Doreen Virtue's Unicorn Card Dek - One Step at a Time - Listen to your True Feelings - It's Okey to be Different Golden Card Deck - Queen of Diamonds - 8 of Clubs - Ace of Spades - Gold Certificate Card Very powerful cards today Also, did you see the schumman? As we hit the 1st of May (May meaning all possibilities and probabilities), the energies are nothing we have ever experienced before. The Disco Ball is shining through, the illusion has cracked and the true colours will start to shine through. Allow yourself to shine, dear precious stars = Angels! As the fakeness fades you might start to see your true self for the first time. When the pressure gets too big, release, breathe, let go. You can do this! Did you know there are 144 different colours in this Universe alone? Have you been seeing new colours, or do they appear more intense, maybe shinning? Universal Meaning of Colour A phenomenon of light or visual perception that enables one to differentiate otherwise identical objects As Father has cleared the consciousness, cancer and water, now the true colours can start shining true for each one of us. Rejoice in Light! Have you noticed how certain cards have been repeating? Feel into them. Feel into the True meaning of the Numbers We are expanding, the Earth is expanding (part of the reason why Father's feet have been hurting a lot lately). Taking care of each other will bring the Unity in Reheart dear Family, if you are experiencing any kind of difficulties, if you fall into a spin (lower energies), we are here for you 24/7 911 God Call Love you Unconditionally

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