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Oracle Cards 5/7/22

Still all 3's in numbers.

Jack, we gotcha.

A Switch Direction card with us today - yellow. It came up before as a 7. 1y16 days since mom's ascension, one day till 17

Keeping the 3's in balance (red-black)

Exercise and Grandparent card. What are the grandparents up to? Connect and communicate with them - physically or eterically.

Change the Color to your true divine color. Be your best, be yourself. Who else are you gonna be? XD

Divine Glory. Thank you Mom! That's her, our momma, glorious in every way.

Amazing lessions and teachings today in the field. It's wonderful to listen to Father share the teachings. Do you remember Thoth? Jesús? Abraham Lincoln? He is the lawyer of God, of Mom.

Did you see how the schumann is blasting? Dad's been blasting it! It shows precise Moments in the Field as always.

Yes, divine children, the energy is coming to you directly from Mother's Father's Field

Love you

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