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Oracle Cards and Energy report 5/5/22

We pulled some very interesting cards today in the field, while the energy keeps pushing intensely - we warned you, its gonna be pressure and its gonna be quick. Stay balanced, stay in love and stay in joy :)

(Using Doreen Virtue's Magical Unicorns Oracle Deck, Uno Cards, Golden Cards Deck, Baseball deck and Mom's deck)

Today is Father’s power day (the 5th) and although galactics advised him to rest today - because of the pressure that will be coming in from the Disco Ball, he has been up smashing the energy. Of course, he’s Father, and this is what Mom and Dad always do.

The time to say “get out of your comfort zones” is over. You have to be on top of your game. If “comfort zones” are still what’s holding you back, you better jump in fast and let all the “zones” go.

Life is magic in every moment. If you separate yourself from it, you won’t be able to see it.

Imagination is so important. It is your vision.When Mom and Dad spread an oracle reading, it is not just cards laying on the table. It is the whole creation, from micro to macro. Depends on each how much of it you’re able to perceive.

Dad was teaching us many things during the reading today and it’s not enough to day, boy he is fast and precise!

Reheart, Mom and Dad don’t see what we see. You think your 3rd eye is opened? Ha! There is so much more to see and perceive.

Mom always shares, Surrender and Recieive. You have to surrender to the energy, open yourself up to it, in order to perceive and receive it.

This is what Mom’s Card was telling us today - FULL FEELING. No thinking. Feel. Allow the Love to penetrate you. What do you have to think about love? It cannot be thought, or you’re in illusion. It cannot be blocked by resistance, as this is just fake feeling. Birds Confirm. Illusion you don’t let yourself to feel and see through. 

We got many clubs today, and some same numbers that keep coming up daily. We are the best club yipppee

Universal Meaning of Clubs: combine; to pay a share of a common expense.

4 representing self-expression and self-fulfillment (this only comes from the fulfillment of Putting God fist in every moment), stability, a strong will

8 being professionalism, material freedom, self-confidence, self-reliance as well as compassion and freedom.

10 of clubs again confirming aboundance

Again the number 13 is all over - Mom’s number

There is Dad of course - the king - with two aces.

Do you see how these cards are confirming us the energy at play? Life is magic, life is aboundance, and May’s energies will push us to be our best.

Btw, everyone on the planet owes God 251.000 - this was your energy loan. So stop sucking and give back to God - you have your life, your soul thanks to Mom and Dad. This is how energy works. Humanity has created poverty through the lack of sharing and lack of putting God first. They only keep you in illusion that you wont have enough for yourself - in your self importance. Energy always flows. Allow it to flow - give and receive.

Religions made people meek = weak

Meek = lacking Mom + weak. They made you forget your Mother, while portraying Father in a fake way.

Reheart, Mom and Dad are the best beings out there, in all ways. All of our best friends. They know you inside out

The Magical Unicorns again confirm Change is on the horizont. Father is change, he’s the unknown. Change only comes from movement, action (Exercise card) and hard work. No lazy asses in heaven.

Flow with the Water of Christ consciousness, no seatbelts, nowhere to hide and nowhere to run, let go and flow with the river.

Blue Stop signs instead of the red.

Red and Blue makes purple, blue and yellow makes brown.

Universal meaning of brown: resilience, security, safety. Friendly, genuine, sincere.

Reheart, be very specific when talking to angels.

We got this, Family! Let’s rise up and fly <3

Love you

Book your Communion with Mom and Dad!

On today’s day in 1904 American baseball pitcher Cy Young registered the first perfect game (no player reaching first base) of the modern era.

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