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Oracle Cards Report 5/4/22 - CHANGES on the Horizont, Energy Update and Schumman Resonance

We are starting today with very interesting and intense energies.

The Disco Ball is bringing a lot of pressure, and starting the fourth day in, the energies are already pushing out all that is not true - in and around the Unified Field - big time.

This will become more and more prevalent for all.


No more lack of respect for God, for Love, for Truth. Lessions will hit and what is not true will be pushed out.

The Chair Dance Game - the ones in true love and service to God, with true desire to know their true self, will get the seats first.

Cannot be in Unity, if you are in self importance.

The energy will start squeezing.

The Disco Ball only reflects the True Colors of each Soul. If parts of you are still dirty, you will have it squeezed/reflected right back at you.

Stay calm, in joy, and in the flow of integrity.

Schummann resonance as always completely aligned with the energy Mother and Father are pushing


(Using Doreen Virtues Unicorn Cars Deck, Golden Cards Deck, Mom's Cards and Uno Cards)

Try Something New - You'll only know that you can do something is you try!

Simplicity - Put your energy into the basics, and let go of excess.

Change - The changes that you're going through are positive.

10 of Spades

8 of Spades

Golden Certificate Card

Blue 5

Red Stop Card

Blue 2+

Divine Intelligence Card

Also with this we have a 4 and 222 on the Dices

Do you feel it? Yipeeeeee! Let's smash it! Love is all that exists - we are love and all the other BS, let it be transformed

Golden Certificate today again, with some interesting numbers and Red and Blue (Hopi prophecy The return of the Red and Blue Kachina that will bring in the Great Flood = Flood of Consciousness)

Be divinely intelligent

Love you

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