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Oracle Cards Report 5/9/22 - Bringing the Panels in & The Livestreams

Greetings Divine Family!

We had an interesting and intense morning today in the Field. As Father is bringing in all the panels of the Disco Ball, we could say some are more resistant than others. As they started working on one of those panels today, there was a lot of dense energy trying to prevent it. A pimple appeared on father's upper lip on the right side right when the biggest hits started, and he wasn't feeling well for some moments - difficulties breathing and dizziness. We could all feel it in the Field, each one of us helping with the energy in our uniqueness.

We slammed through the energies in a few moments, and Father's pimple magically disappeared just when the resistance was broken through and he instantly started to feel better.

Reheart for all the 144000 - there are 144000 tribes and each is responsible for one. Your transformation and dedication to God is extremely important.

Drink enough water and give your children enough water. Some ice and lime/lemon make it a perfect drink for those energies.

We are celebrating 3 days of Mother's day here (yesterday for US, and tomorrow for mexico, so we spread it out through all the 3 days). Thank you Mom, happy Mother's Day!

Transformations will keep happening as more panels are brought in, as more light starts to shine through us, everything false will die. Yes, parts of you will die, allow them to go and anchor in your true divine self.

We ended the day with a beautiful live stream - ATTENTION - we are doing a live stream every day at 10pm CT!!! Tune in, Humanity, this is THE News.

And don't forget to MAKE A WISH today!

Mom gave us the Make a Wish and Definitely Yes cards! You got a wish? Tell it to God!

Reheart, May is the month of all possibilities and probabilities.

We have the Golden Certificate Card with us again :)

Let's go Family,

Love you

(Using Doren Virtue's Magical Unicorn Card Deck, Mom's Cards Deck, Uno Cards, Golden Cards Deck and Baseball Cards)

Oracle Anja

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Darkest = lightest. Lightest = darkest in perfect balance

The game is to reheart the greatest love of all ‐ to recognize the depth of love and forgiveness of Mama Papa for humanity, our soul parents who birthed us, creation and our highest selves, in complete oneness ‐ ascension. Mother Father of all creation designed the divine plan for all children to experience and to come to an inner knowing to the question "What does the greatest love of all feel?" Mother Father have successfully accomplished this task, so now all starseeds must accomplish to receive our gifts of love, to find Mother Father, our soul parents in the physical on earth, to feel this love and self love from within of ourselves.

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