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Taste Of Heaven Recipe: Rosemary Tomato Egg

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

This is so good! Yummy, soft, moist, fragrant

Grateful Mother Earth Father Sky, our parents for the provision!

Receiving these yellow tomatoes from the food pantry wow!😃 I used a super big tomato the size of 2 regular tomatoes for this, the juice from the fruit makes the eggs moist and fluffy

The key to this dish is to cook the tomatoes first till mushy, best with lid so the steam softens them further then add in the other ingredients

Feel free feel our hearts every ingredient gifts from Mother Father of all creation, be so in love with every ingredient haha!

Let's create in love for love = all creation!

Video recipe here:

Makes 1 portion, a bowl as seen in the image here perfect for breakfast or over rice

Ingredients, to taste:

Coconut oil

Turmeric powder

Fresh rosemary

Fresh garlic🧄 , 3 cloves

Garlic powder


Black pepper

Tomato🍅, 1 super big or 2 regular

Eggs🥚, 3

Full fat milk🥛

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