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Thank you for saving my life over and over again Mom Dad of all creation!

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Thank you for saving my life, over and over 🙏

Thank you for giving me everything in my path to bloom🍝

Thank you for the potato and meat today that my mom cooked lol

Thank you for smiling and laughing for us while you continuously move to support my goals

I recently had a new project at work, when I shared with Mom Dad I required support in this, Father of all creation walked miles for the energies of movement and accomplishment for me to complete it in ace standards. Mother Father of all creation create energies and are the core mover 🙏 and this, is also saving my life getting me above waters

Report for blessings at Mother Father of all creation's messenger group chat:

Receive Christic Awakening, dna repair and answers of a lifetime from the most high, direct from our creators Mother and Father of all creation who are incarnate in physical body at:

Receive the highest frequency and codes that support your life:

Support Mother Father of all creation and

crew's mission in love mirroring love! Start your evolution. Stop whoring = snoring / waiting


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