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The 4th heart/door has opened

We were playing in the forest, when the vision flashed in front of us. We both stood still as it was so deep we coulnt move. The vision showed us in a far away future, standing at the same spot where we were standing now, in the past. So far away yet we both knew it will come so fast, and we knew, this will be it, the lifetime we have been training for. We have big initiations left to pass still, we knew that, however that future will come out of nowhere and we will have to use all we have learned.

As we were looking trough that vision, what surprised us the most was that we couldnt recognise each other. Dear friend of heart, how could i ever forget you, the knowing so deep i know you almost as deep as i know myself. We knew it was gonna be like this, yet seeing in the vision left us pause in space and time for a moment as we couldnt really imagine it would be so deep.

In that future, we were standing there looking at each other, friends, remembering the eyes – i knew it was you and you knew it was me. Yet the clouds of density between us still so deep we couldnt fully see and remember. As we snapped back into that present moment in the past and looked at each other, no words came out as they were not needed - the eyes spoke: » it will be deep, so very deep, but i will help you and you will help me and we will do this together, and we will help each other remember. I know this. I trust you, the eyes said, we got this«. Now we stand in that future, at that exact place in this present moment, remembering the past that was once the future. We are breaking trough bit by bit. The 4th door/heart has opened You cannot do this alone, brothers and sister. Deeper and deeper you must go until you find that door, that leads you to your true expression. Open your hearts to each other fully and completely, looking at each other with compassion and unconditional love and you will find it. There, at the centre of your 3rd heart, a door so little yet SO full of light. Humble you must be, very humble, to be small enough to step trough. Look deep into the eyes Thank you Love, forever


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