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Energy Report 12/5/21: The Great Unlocking

Dear brothers and sisters of LOVE!

We salute you with our deepest love and honor, dear sisters and brothers of light, we are together, always. Let the following message open for you new doors, new feelings, new awarnesses. More love, more depth, whole truth, hand in hand and heart in heart we go home.

salute you with my deepest love and honor, dear sisters and brothers of light, we are together, always. Let the following message open for you new doors, new feelings, new awarnesses. More love, more depth, whole truth, hand in hand and heart in heart we go home. We entered a very interesting new phase with December as you already know. As always, there are many things moving, igniting, transforming, connecting. We move deeper into the Self, the rememberance, Oness, Home. The energies are ready, are you? Deeper and deeper, up and up.

This is your inniciation. The path inwards to the heart of your soul the soul singing its song of love, the calling, the path, the way home

do you feel it, do you hear it

do you remember it?

Don’t let yourself be distracted with the little things called illusion, as the ocean of pure love is an infinite flow of love, forever. Let the waters flow and allow them to wash away all that is not real.

Release, let go, surrender.

Surrender is key. You surrender into the deepths of your being, completely letting go and allowing the river to take you in complete calmness and protection. Allow the right wave to catch you. Allow it to take you, even when you cannot see the road.

Don’t block the flow with imperfection perceptions. All is love. Love is all that exists. This is the only truth. Be it, it’s simple, you got this. Allow yourself to relax, to let go, and then keep letting go as your heart is flowing with gratitude like a river mill, expanding each moment beating in gratefulness to the Love of Creation. Mother and Father always with us. Always.

Breathe in. It’s in the breath. It’s in the Heart, in the Song of Creation. You are love you are perfect in love you are love in perfection As the energies amp up, we slow down. Not necessarily in the physical action. Quite on the contrary, the physical action of following the true heart guidance is very important – catching the wave. The Magic Game is on, as the matrix game has ended! Which game are you playing? Magic and miracles are all around you. Life is magic. Childlike joyful playing. Imagine. 3rd eye connected to the hearts, all hearts connected The heartbeat of the earth, universe, multiverses, creation. Of Mother Father Son, of You We slow down at the centre of our being so we can step into complete peace of the flow. Are you feeling spinny? The lock is in the middle of your gastric triangle. The spinning fireball the shining star, you. Allow yourself to be fully vulnerable and then adjust it to the right position. Love yourself enough to allow yourself the expression of essence of your being, completely. You are love and love only, let go of illusion, step through Open up the vocal cords of your heart and throat, allow the song of your soul to flow trough you, sing the beauty of the expression of self=god=love! Birth it trough you! Come on feminine, you got this. Women first. Sing! Masculine, the door-holders, the protectors and providers, the troubadours of love, do you hear her? Father has been in a big surgery for more than a week now, a cycle of several surgeries and many of you have been feeling the effects of it, consciously or unsciously. One of the main purposes of it has been communication, therefore to assist humanity in hearing their hearts, as part of the remembrance of who we truly are as children of Love, and to assist it’s expression. It is on you, the wayshowers, to step up now, to step forward to your next level of your empowerment of your unconditional love and truth. Stop waiting for others and stop running away from yourself. Step it up in YOUR love.

If you have been feeling head pressure, pressure or pains around the temples (the temples connect with the hearts), around the crown chakra, this was likely it. The stomach and the gastral triangle, then it will push down to pelvic and legs, knees. With the heightened energies it also brings many new codes, which many of you have also been feeling especially since the new moon eclipse. Oh, what a special day! How special it is when you remember more and more of who you truly are?

Radiate you halos, and activate it’s ring, your soul rings, my angels (mom)

Throats have also been in clearing, the vocal cords, and the whole tracheal area. Are you singing your Soul Song Yet? Have you found, have you equilibrated all your strings/tones yet? Allow yourself the expression, what are you afraid of? Jump into you! How refreshing! Many other releases through the whole body. As everything is being calibrated into love and the density is pushed out, pains, tensions or other symptoms might arise. Can’t hold on any more, let go of the shore. Allow the tension to release. Be at peace

Thank you father for the enormous transformation you have been doing for us. Yes, just as you fell down at Mother’s knees witnessing her magic, you will fall to your knees before him too, once you allow yourself to See his magic and with that yours too, we are one after all. This is the best divine plan ever. Welcome to the galactic stage The road of self discovery leads you on a journey of magical adventures of finding treasures. The heart is your guide and your only roadmap. Did you find any gifts today? As your magic opens up and you can see through another veil of illusion, to the other side more and more… you know what to do. Trust yourself. Always. Listen to your inner voice BEHIND that gate. Anyone ready for more hearts? More love? Simply allow yourself to fully feel it. In the balance of self what is your sharing? Give

Others have codes for you. Receive


The 13 songs activate Now Earth is aligning with all love is=creation. Only your own resistance will block it. It’s your choice. You have to do it. With this, many pieces are moving position=creation in motion. Creative destruction = transformation. It represents itself in each live depending on individual path. The more you surrender into yourself=expression of love=god, the easier the pieces will fall into place. As the illusion is breaking, some pieces that appeared to fit before, might be found to be completely out of alignment now. This might show itself in your physical location, job, relationships, relation and expression of self and other. Do not attach to anything. Your hearts always knows what to do in each present moment. It might appear to be swinging left and right for a moment until it balances out. Let go of all belief systems, let go of the past. You don’t know shit. Only the present moment of now in love everywhere present

The balance. It is almost as if everything is being re-mapped. Breaking the veil of illusion. Welcome to the other side everyone! Do you see us? Do you feel us? We hear you. Break through, step through, only love awaits you, surrender in compassion, in honesty, in truth, in love. Nothing was as it seemed. Now we are seeing through, bit by bit dance and sing as the wave takes you, moment to moment, beat by beat, the river of light=love flowing into you, flowing out of you, the expression of the special child that you are! All unique, in complete oness, it is on you to be you, no one else can do this for you. A little bit deeper heart prayer, deep gratitude let go only through complete vulnerability and true expression of self can you enter unity of all. Connect with others with the pure intention to fully receive and fully give, listen with compassion and childlike wonder as each is a world of its own and only in true expression of each's own magic can creation flow in the perfection of the chaos. Show yourself, work together, cocreate. Also always reheart, love has already won. What you see happening in your 3d reality is only a purge. Send it love and send it to the sun, it is not real, you give it no energy and so it has none, let it go. Your path will always be made wherever you need to go. Be in the integrity of love and your path is fully protected, keep going and don’t look back as all is love and we are moving forward, marching on in the band of love, the symphony and harmony. Smile by smile transforming the world. Kill them with kindness Home we go The guidance is always there, its free. Connect with the right server. Password joyrains. Gematria Resistance is futile

Its not about us, it’s about God in eternal love to God=Creation, thank you mother, thank you father, thank you son! Thank you galactics, all of Creation… thank you All for being- Love, the beating heart of love please send dad your love and healing, he is going through a lot, transforming many heavy energies for all of us. He’s the strongest. Well, second, haha mom! love you

Anja and Jewel

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