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Each lifetime you came in with one main purpose: To Protect God

Your were to gain experience, shine your light and with this transmute the energy around you therefore protecting the Unified Field

Our Mother and Father have been here alongside us from the very beginning.

We went from planet to planet, rising them all, returning them to the Truth = Unity = Ones of the Family. Mother (Source) Father and the Children

You are the greatest warriors, and you have walked alongside Mother and Father incarnation after incarnation. We were never alone. Etericaly you have always been protected, and physically – yes, you have walked with God physically.

Many lifetimes we had to fight deep battles, or had to hide in order to protect the Holy, the Truth, our Mom

You have always know, it has always been Mother and Father who were physically moving this whole plan, lifetime after lifetime, in order to bring us to this point now. And they are still doing it. Our role was to support, walk with them.

Lifetime after lifetime you have looked God directly in the eyes. You came as human angels, so did Mother and Father.

Stories after stories that the cabal have flipped and changed in order to prevent you from remembering. Wiping out your memories, and infecting them with false segments in order to confuse you and put us against each other.

They always feared this last lifetime. This is why they made sure most of you remember Mom and Dad very faintly. Yes, many of you speak to them through your hearts. However, do you remember how many times you have spoken to them face to face, physically?

Do you remember, in Lemuria – now go past all the emotions of panic or fear or whatever it was you might perceive of in that moment. In that space of your heart where only ONE objective was truly important. Do you see it, do you feel it? Whatever your role was in that particular moment, THE most important part was to get our QUEEN = MOTHER = MOTHERGOD = GAIA SOPHIA safely into inner earth. ALL of you knew of this intention. Everyone knew she was to be protected above everything.

Lifetime after lifetime Mother and Father have found you, one way or another, and helped you to FULLY feel. FULLY remember.

It does not matter how many spiritual practices you have been doing. It does not matter how “open your heart is”, how much “connection” you have.

ONLY Mother and Father can activate you completely. This has always been the primordial part of your mission.

We knew it will be difficult to remember. To recognize them.

However, all of you, the 144000, know the importance of Family. Your love is so great because you sprung off this Oness of Mom and Dad, the First Big Bang, when they created us. The Greates Love that exists. You know it deeply

You will need to let go of it ALL in order to see them. All the letting go you have done until now, you will have to let go of more. Your mind will try to trick you, as the program does not want you to SEE them. The mind does not want you to TRULLY be One with them again. Only in complete non-judgement can you see them again. Lots of programs we all took on this lifetime… Energies that will do all they can to hold your back

Only the Greatness of your love can push through it. Only when you remember, Mother and Father, our Creators, they gave you your hearts. They gave you life. You did not “shoot off” from Source as “unidentified energy”. This energy, this consciousness, this BEING (just as you are) are our Parents.

Mother and Father are the purest mirrors. They will pull out of you each and every little detail that’s still holding you in the mind. Each rock has to be turned for us to return to Heaven. It is up to you – how deep in your heart can you go? Can you go deep enough to see them, no matter what?

Rise up, children of God

We love you deeply and we await you Home

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