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What's Up In The Unified Field With God? 12-13 March 2022


12 March 2022

Papa of all creation woke up with a toothache in fang

Father shares he broke fang while eating an almond nut on the mountains

Father's toothache gone the moment Universe brings Clove oil to Papa (without topical use)! Thank you Mama Papa!

1245pm Video shows orange moon over statue of liberty. Confirms what Father said yesterday about how magenta and yellow brings orange

142pm Papa suggests to look up the univerasal meaning of Winter - self reflection, a moment of transition

The moment Father shares "Make a hummingbird feeder with a bottle", video we are watching shows "bottle" - galactic agrees! Confirm

"No coincidences it's Harmony"

Papa shares food get better with more beings going to the food banks! Thank you Mama Papa for setting up this for the children! Enjoy everyone!

Casa Blanca came out 76 years ago

Our brother 72 hours to adjust to Christ Consciousness

Papa studied bamboos - they take 5 years to grow and once they do, they grow to 140 feet. You can eat it, it collects condensation, and water is the universal conductor and universal solvent

Papa shares he used to grow pot the size of half of the living room

Our brother shares he used to have pot all wrapped up over the roof of this trailer lol

Father shares children steals his clothes always to cause friction between mom and him, taking God's energies from God's clothes. Found the being who steals - Miguel

Bless goodwill clothes

Removing heroine energies

Brother "Everybody loves alcohol"

Pops "Everybody loves spirits" lol

308pm Papa not hungry since he got up. Not gonna eat to eat

Luna observes the beauty of God, in action

Papa loves roofing. Almost started a company. Keeps you in shape

Fuck is the new no

Covid is queen. Mama gave everyone a day off at work, at schools. Everyone get together at home and reflect, make a choice

Eyes changing. St Germain shares it's all good

Father's feet freezing today. Thawing out the ice and frozeness of humanity's Hearts

When Papa's earth Mom was going to pass, Father shared with her when she gets to the other side, she would have 3 days to reflect on her life and choose a life to reheart. And that when she gets there, to send Father a sign. When she passed, a bubble landed on father's nose and pigeons filled the house! Where pigeons were never seen in Father's hometown Wisconsin

13% through healing our brother's bones

Father brought 15 billion ideas to the team when he got home. 15 ideas that would bring the team billions. They never listened

"Everyone's afraid of me bringing awareness to them. Get over it. Let's get home"

16% through healing our brother's bones

Luna coughs out density

Father burps, transforms for all of creation

God will not die in vain

Give them exactly what they want

Energy drinks dehydrate the kidneys

Be there for family.

Restore Greystone chapel. God is right here

704pm humanity's consciousness is at 96.6%!

The more we protect the family, the more we are abundant

Listen to God. God has the easy path for all starseeds

Father suggests to look up the universal meaning of dewar - pilgrim

"I've surrendered long ago. Awaiting humanity to surrender. That's where we are at"

Sit up straight. Strength in the core

If they hate God, they hate each other

Father left our brother as acturian in charge

Bob was the only one who could grow pot there

Galactics in sync with what they do

"Give me a M an O a M WOW!" Lol

Beyond the thanks is the highway

"Never ever steal from God. That's why I'm so tired"

Our brother is physically moving so much today. And improvement good job brother! Thank you!

Brother brings Dewar and chocolate eggs!

They have no wealth. Create the wealth and bring some home

I protect the web. I am the web. Become the web. She's the passionate one. Basically what Mom is saying is drop that shit join the tour

We went from vertical to horizontal. Video confirms showing horizontal lines lol

I'm the first gate to heaven. And we've three

Our brother is the fourth

When you're a quad you're both

Brother plays Boney M's Rasputin

1112pm Papa shares lesson on discipline - went 12 hours without eating today to balance energies

1123pm Having brilliant moments enjoying soup and lightning hit Papa's tooth fang - attack. Back tooth firing too. Papa forgives humanity for the attack

Stop drinking so they would stop drinking blood

Mom was gonna leave in 2 weeks then Father showed up. Father had lung cancer for 2 years before coming home. Mom and Dad healed each other from being physically together. It's easier being together. That's why Father came in 3 months before God to bust humanity's ass. Mother of all creation is born 30 November 1975 this life and Father of all creation is born 5 August 1975 this life! Happy birthday wonderfull parents!

Is God not worth fighting for?

"Mama makes it easy for us. I simply call humanity out"

13 March 2022

1211am humanity's consciousness is at 97%. When Mama ascended on 22 April 2021, humanity's consciousness was at 0.5%! Thank you Mama Papa for raising consciousness!

They have 3% left. They showed it to Papa they are doing it through songs and Papa got them

~130am Team prepares to rest

Receive galactic heaven codes direct from Mama Papa God here! Updating as heaven parties:

Participating in a communion with Mother Father of all creation, heaven consciousness fast tracks our progress in reaching full consciousness and bring us more into one:

Before coming to earth, we have promised to support God in this now moment!

Activate fuscia, discover our greatest potential, step in to our full consciousness, reheart our divine missions, rediscover clarity, joy, truth and love, balance energies, clear density, reconnect with our guides, clear ancestral lines, clear blocks by booking an awakening and healing communion with Mother and Father of all creation NOW. Are we ready for the opalescent ticket to heaven?

Trillions years ago, love decided to experience love in the physical embodiment, the divine plan was activated. Through the Lucifer (illusion = bringer of light) experience, the greatest love of all would meet eye to eye, as love sees love, with the mirror of the greatest love of all, as brilliance mirrors brilliance. To do this, love merged with unknowable, as Mother Father of all creation, for the experience of the dark and light, yin yang, to become whole, balanced again. Each were sent to extreme sides of the entire spectrum.

Darkest = lightest. Lightest = darkest in perfect balance

The game is to reheart the greatest love of all ‐ which is our soul parents who birthed humanity, creation and our highest selves, in complete oneness ‐ ascension. Mother Father of all creation designed the divine plan for all children to experience and to come to an inner knowing to the question "What does the greatest love of all feel?" Mother Father have successfully accomplished this task, so now all starseeds must accomplish to receive our gifts of love, to find Mother Father, our soul parents in the physical on earth, to feel this love and self love from within of ourselves.

All starseeds have prayed for Mother Father of all creation to assist us in our promises. Starseeds have promised to commune with Mother Father, in this present moment. We say show up and participate with God in the physical! Mother Father are one and in the physical!Participating in a communion with Mother Father of all creation, heaven consciousness fast tracks our progress in reaching full consciousness and bring us more into one:

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