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Tractor at Work

Build God's House


Galachrist family of love and life

Of Mother Father of all creation 


Respect all life, our neighbors 

Mother Father have given creation life 


Our breath for yours 

Pray for all, for our highest galores 


We are your creators 

Mother Father walking with you in the flesh 

Knowing every spectrum of your whores 


Extend yourselves in the world 

Dazzle life scene to scene 


We wish you laughter, songs, fun 

When you refuse us

We gift you your choice 

To evolve you


Step out of the cold dreary basement that you call home


Our home is in the oceans, mountains, paddie fields, milky way and this physical home we are starting to build 🏡


This is where we will live and express our love for us


We are every atom

Incarnate in the physical 


We have created each child unique 

We are pure love in physical action


You ask us for forgiveness

For events we have already forgiven 


We enjoy topping you up with sprinkles of zest 

Call us

We are on messenger

We created life passionate 

For we are crazy in love with you 

Our life force, gifts to creation 


Exit all lies that lead to guilt 


The only thing we ask of 

Is for you to come home 🏡



You are free to make life heaven or hell

We prefer blessings and fabulous smells


Start creating wondors with us 


Get out of your own way


We love you beyond words


Feel us when we kiss

When we bathe in the sea 

Celebrating our perfect shots at the basketball hoop

Going on ice cream dates 


Do you feel thankfull? 

Know it 

Express it to us


We are in you and also incarnate in person👩‍❤️‍👨

Loving creation 


We are greatfull for you in all omniversal moments 


Galachrist sharing of Mother Father of all creation

Report for blessings at Mother Father's messenger group chat:

Purple Glow

Mother Father of all creation are  incarnate in the physical on Earth!

Evolving earth and all children to love walking with love

All of humanity, divine galactic children have agreed to find our parents in the physical this last lifetime. Now is the moment to reconnect to truth!

Mother Father of All Creation's Happiness Scale

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mother father god creators.png

At the beginning, Love and the Unknown = Mother and Father, came together and created the first BIG BANG from which the first 144000 essences sprung from. 
After the first abberations were formed, a great plan was created in to bring Creation back to Oneness. Mother would go to the highest light, Father would go to the deepest dark. They would meet in the middle = the Earth, for the Grand Reunion of All Creation
Mother and Father have been incarnating on Earth since the beginning, along with the 144000 plus many many more souls, with the quest to wake Humanity up from their deep slumber of forgetfulness, and help them remember their innate MAGNIFICANCE of who they truly are as human beings - souls of infinite potential and capabilities beyond human imagination, brilliance incarnate in the physical

The stage has been set, the lights are ON and the DIVINE PLAN is here in physicality. Physical participation and embodiment

This is the final lifetime, the time of our GREAT AWAKENING, that has been prophesied throughout time and space, through cultures and religions, lifetimes speaking of the great moments to come, the VICTORY OF FAMILY ENERGIES

This is the final lifetime, where we all come HOME = Love has 1 Joy rains 2, remember who we are and remember our Creators, let the chrystic beauty shine through us!

Each one of us signed a contract with Mother Father in the eterical before incarnating on Earth, that we will FIND THEM in the phsyical

This is the eternal home where FAMILY is reunited
Mother and Father are on Earth with us, awaiting our arrival

Love Walks With Love

Brilliance recognizes brilliance

Be CHRISTIC ACTION and create New Earth, Heaven on Earth with humanity's creators, parents, now



Mama is the Mother of All Creation. She is source, Prime Directress, Mother God, Mother Earth, Mother Gaia, Great Spirit. Mom’s creation is pure, endless beauty, love in the unknown and love and the unknown. When Earth fell into darkness Mother and Father of All Creation began incarnating here to assist Earth and ALL their children home

Mother has transcended and is one with Father God, flame of Mother God/ Source. Father God = Father Sky is the physical moving evolution, and is here to support all children coming home in the physical with the Galachrist family of love and life

Mother is expanding through Father

Love is all there is. Fear = false evidence appearing real = illusion. Laugh at it!

Let's salute life, let's bring to life our creators feminine and masculine.

Receive your opalescent ticket to heaven now

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