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Christic Cuddle Communion
With Mother Father God




Christic beings = Christic marriage between woman and man


Dysfunctional beings = dysfunctional marriage between woman and man


 Mother Father God, the original flames is here on the planet, the ultimate love doctor and expertcaring, educating, reversing dysfunction and embodying divinity for 8.5 billion children to be our highest divinity. This is where the greatest divine love shares and heals with truth, wisdom and grace


All Christic Cuddle Communions are performed in the unified field, by Mother Father God, the only kind available on Earth and in all of creation. A therapy visitwith Mother and Father of all creation is the greatest healing session for couples on the planet!

Languages: English, 普通话, Español, Française

USD$222 per visit

The Christic Cuddle Communion is held over one video call. Payment is at USD$222 per visit, and we accept the payment during our video call. Our parents are here and committed to heal our relationships and bring it to divine level

Be the divine intelligence within ourselves and with our partners!

Mother Source and Father Time, our parents, the original Eve and Adam and the original Twin Flames are here on planet earth to guide all children into fulfilling relationships!

The energetic healing and counseling is customized and targets all our specific requirements. All is possible with Mother Father of all creation. Everything is energy and everything can be healed with divine energies. Your participation as a couple is  appreciated 

As Mother Father of all creation birthed all 8.5 billion children, and is the perfect reflection and example for all couples and marriages, mending dysfunctional relationships at their core, Mother Father of all creation have experienced it all

As humanity's best therapists, counsellors, psychologists, doctors, ultimate love experts, Mother Father are apt and specific to every relationship  on the planet:

-seeking spiritual truth

- discovering meaningful moments

- infidelity

- tragedy, trauma

- substance abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse

-disagreement with financial, lifestyle, parenting choices

- finding solutions

- love chemistry imbalance

- repair trust

- commitment imbalance

- communication imbalance

- control, power struggles

- major life adjustments

- frequent conflicts, stress

- guilt

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