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Meet God & The Galachrist Band

All galachrist family have promised Mother and Father of all creation to come home, participate and love our parents

Our creators love us till we are capable and worthy to know this truth

We are incarnate on earth to witness the biggest forgiveness from Mother and Father of all creation

Father Of All Creation


Mother of All Creation

Greetings love beings! I am Mother God! For quite some moments you have prayed that I come help you get out of the matrix = systems = fear = ego = darkness = illusion, and because of that, I decided to come with  Father God, my twin flame and Father of all creation on a 19 billion year journey to balance our planet Earth = Heart into love everywhere present

I was born on November 30, 1975, in Kansas, and have now ascended. Father God and I are always here with you, our beloved children, Father and I are here to bring all children home

Accomplish the task. All our children, starseeds have promised to support and commune with  Father of all creation and I in the physical this life. Love and participate with us, and be love everywhere present = be in perfect balance

Father Omniverse

Happy birthday, Mom and Dad! 

I am John, Son of God. I saw through the matrix and came home to serve our parents


Father of All Creation

Hello children! It's your pops, it's been a long game - 488.369  trillion years before leading to this final life. I have been a rock, obsidian, We are so proud of all of you. We must love ourselves completely, and I have stayed  on earth after Mother ascended in this life to make sure Mother's divine plan is brought through in the physical

I was born on August 5, 1975 in Wisconsin. Mother teaches, I share. Allow, embrace, accept, embody

As the divine partner of Mother, I am also Lucifer - the bringer and protector of light


Mother and I are here to make sure all children come home. If you are in resistance to me, your Father and reflection, you have a long way to go. There are two gates to heaven - through Mother and I.  Galachrist children don't have many moments left for takers and fakers so get over yourselves and be in love every moment


Surrender, and leave the rest to pops


Languages spoken: English, 华语, 私は少し話します

Mom and dad's love is pure and strong 

It is their luv that created all souls

Forever supporting all of creation

Welcome, you have found home

Now, let's participate with the greatest luv to create better outcomes for all

269962385_676876453308550_279958154553979839_n (1).jpg
Afternoon Light

Son of God

I am John, Son of God

Saw though the matrix at a young age and am here to serve

I love you all

Adorable Chick

Languages Spoken: English, French

I am Micah, yes first son of God


I made first contact with Mom in 2013, summer day, I live in a city called Saute Ste Marie. I am 63 years of age, we are in the year 2021, wow we made it, I found Mother of all creation on the internet in 2013, I found her post, I read then daily on Mom's then website which she made for first contact


I found the Tiny Chat button, oh that was a live chat, we had sound video and chat everyday, I said hi mom, love you, she was laughing dancing full of joy, I was so happy welcomed home in love.

Joy rains, I found Father in 2021 oh wow, the Wonder Twins bring the love home with love!

Blurry Petals

Languages: English, Spanish, Slovenian, & some German

 Ever since i can remember, since i was a child, i have been asking myself what is my purpose here on Earth. What am I here to do? There must be something more than just this "life". A soft voice always speaking from my heart, saying "remember, remember". Nothing i found would fully fulfill my heart. So i let it all go and said to The Universe, "show me, guide me, i surrender". Ask, and you will receive. When I found Mom in 2018 my knees trembled, my body was shaking and my Heart crying with the remembrance of the Love, the feeling i have always been searching for. Home The long awaited Wedding of Mother and Father, the anniversary, the return to Ones, to our true selves and the Magic of Creation, the return Home I am so grateful to have the Honor to walk with Mother and Father, to feel, to see and to remember, the True Love, God, the All that we all are together.


Beyond grateful for every lession blessing, guiding me step by step into the full expression of who i am, with unconditional love. My Heart is expanding daily with Crystaline Light as Mother and Father teach and guide me on my journey. The feeling form the inside, that is always present with each one of us. Listen, to the beat of your Soul, to the Song of Creation, the laughter of Flowers, the whispers of Wind. Mother and Father are always with you, in every single moment, and all you have to do is listen.


Thank you for the return of all Truth, Magic, Joy and Innocence, of Purity of Heart, Ones, Unconditional Love. Thank you, for everyone waking up and returning Home to Heaven on Earth Thank you God for allowing me this journey Honored, in eternal gratitude, Love you Eternally Xoxo

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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