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5 FREE Etheric Energy Surgery Sessions On Independence Day!

Receive a surgery from Mother Father of all creation today when you comment on our Facebook, Instagram or LINE "how are you loving?" and we will choose 5 winners!

Mother Father of all creation are offering 5 Etheric Energy Surgery sessions to 5 beings now! All surgeries include Mother Father God clearing all ancestral lines. This is your ticket to heaven, blessings from Mother Father of all creation. Please get in touch with us in comments or Etheric Energy Surgery Sessions with Mother Father of all creation All surgeries are performed in the unified field, by Mother Father God, the only kind available on Earth & creation. ​ Languages available: English, Chinese, Spanish​ The session will be held over 1 call: ​ We will uncover any pain, blocks, trauma, disconnection in the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies and any challenges that you may be currently facing.

*Etheric Energy Surgery Session with Mother Father

God happens*

We will go through the healing areas, activating DNA, energy upgrades, useful tools and any suggestions from Mother & Father of all creation which are unique to you and your soul, to assist you in raising vibration and becoming your greatest, grandest version. ​

We suggest a donation for a session, or an equal energy exchange. The donation can be made after the session. ​

Please email us to schedule an appointment :

All session donation proceeds go to supporting the Crystal School. Please specify in your donation notes if you would like to donate to Mother Father God and the First Fractal's mission. We are so eternally gratefull. ​

All donations are non-refundable

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