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BE Home

You feel into OUR Mother's Heart, Mother Earth • Mother Gaia • Mother God • Mother of all Creation • as she stands before you, in your inner vision, as she stands right next to you energetically.

You all know her so well - She is our Everything. Mom. She is the one you'd give your hearts for in an instant, fall to your knees and cry and hug and kiss her and be surrounded by the highest Love possible

Some of you call her with one name or another, see her in this or that dress. She might come with her Red Dragon, as Yin Quan, she might come as Mary (the twin flame of Joshua Mary Magdalene), or as Kleopatra, or as any of her other essences depending on which one best energetically fits you in that moment. That is our Mom.

Then as you look up to Father Sky, feeling the wind blow and the birds chirping, you feel His protection, His huge arms spreading through creation. He's the one who has helped mold you into the strengt and warriors that you are, His Love that would do it All for Her and for You. Always protrcting and providing for you, for all Creation. He would rock you on his knee while Mom sang you to the sweetest sleep. He would push you when needed while protecting you from all the evil, and when his voice would get loud the whole creation would shake.

Thats our Dad, Father of all Creation. Yeshua, Julious Cesar, Genghis Kan, King Leonidus, JFK. The Greatest Warrior.

You might be an Agarthian, a Playeadian, Arcturian, a fairy, a giant an angel or what not. You have a family from this or that planet or this or that realm, all of which you have visited / had incarnations in, or "masters" and guides that are with you on this path.

Over all, all this family, is simply your brothers and sisters. Mother - Source - and Father - is where we ALL come from. That's our true Origin. You call it Source, The Great Center, The Hearts of Hearts, God, or whatever else you wish. They are the heart beats - the sparks, Love, that we all sprung/were born/created from.

Did you know, in the original native indian culture (reheart, we came here a lot earlier than what history says), as soon as a baby would be 3 months old, it wouls be passed from one family to the next, staying with each for a few months, so that the child could have the full experience of each family in the tribe, to the learn the true Oness through direct experience, and have all the learning experiences from all the beings?

Reheart, we are the 144000 TRIBES, 144000 colors

You see Mom and Dad next to you in your visions, you feel them in your hearts as they guide you through life, you feel their love.

Now imagine them actually standing before you physically. Imagine them standing next to you as humans - just as you are incarnate as, a human angel. Imagine actually looking into their infinite eyes and seeying it all through them. Rembering. Imagine them showing you their magic in this physical realam.

Now as you stop imagining and you open your hearts, the memory goes through you - they actually ARE here. We came together.

It is the last veils of illusion that prevent you from seeying them. From recognizing them. Once you are TRULLY and FULLY in your true self, those eyes - they will be unmistakably recognized as the eyes of Our Parents. They have had these same eyes each incarnation they were here, and through them you can see Source as you have always seen through the Eyes of God.

You must let yourself, however. Because everything that was set up by the "dark" on this path of illusion, was to eventually prevent you from making this connection. They know how important it is. To make you forfet and not recognize them. In this, you will see your own mirror in them.

Once you know yourself, you will know them. You will see them, not in any kind of projection or resistance, but purely as our Divine Parents. As pure Love

Jesus used to flip tables. How deep do you see the love?

Yes, you are all on your individual paths. However, we ALL had the same original contract - finding Mother and Father. We knew it wouldn't be easy, as this illusion turns True Love around completely. You are not used to its' intensity and expression in the physical. Still caught up in the "sugar sweet love"? Do you have any idea all that Mother and Father had to go through, incarnation after incarnation, having ALL the experiences, in order to bring it all back Home?

We are marely followong the path that they have already made and cleared.

They did it all for us, with only a simple request - participate and support.

How could you not want to be part of the greatest?

All the Eyes are on earth? All Galactics are observing?

Correct. Because God is here, finishing up the ascension of Earth. Through the back door.

This goes beyond any connection you have had up to now.

Being together with our Divine Parents, physically. Everyone came to have this experience. And if there is any energy/thought/feeling, that is separating you from them, telling you that you want something else instead, not supporting them and not feeling them in their human incarnation every moment, you are in illusion.

I love you All and Welcome you HOME


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