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Crazy Spikes - Schumann - Crazy Events 6/26/22

The pressure, and the release, and the love pouring in!

New Schumann spikes, let's wipe it out! Everything coming into balance! Everything coming Home!

We keep smashing through and taking more on! Nothing can stop Love. Mom pushing from one side, Dad pushing from the other, twerking creation back into balance, Oness.

Schumann exactly aligned with the events in the Field. We took on A BUNCH yesterday (that's the whiteout part), went through it, transformed it, released it, recycled it.

You should see how fast Dad is moving! Pushing through all that darkness=imbalance with the purest Love in his Hearts, just like Mom. Lifting us up, powering us up and flying through with us. You fly with us up above, or we're gonna pull you up :D Feels much better to spread your own wings tho ;)

Don't take the imbalance personally. Mom took the ego out, now you only have to balance it, your own light and dark.

They'd say "love a demon as much as you love an angel". No difference, equally. No judgement, as you don't know shit of how it has served the greater plan. All has served in its way. All is coming Home

It is your role to be in the integrity of Love. Smile and let the shit go! It's is all evaporating faster and faster (Father is moving now 3 years in 1 day).

We have moved out of transformation, out of transcension, into Healing. Feel into the words and the codes/energy they carry. It's your choice to let the bullshit go, as it has always been. Tho, is it really? You resist and it will explode you. One way or another, each being will have to come Home. Rock or crystal

Feel into both of your Hearts, the Feminine and the Masculine, where are you still holding back? Imagine both hearts expanding. Yes, many of you will start to feel your right hearts for the first time, as they have been off for a VERY long time.

Mom and Dad are doing it All.

Thank you for all your support. Without God, we'd move nowhere. And still too many of you are not recognizing our Divine Parents. Feel into them, sisters and brothers, and unlock your memory! Let the judgement aside and unlock what they have blocked to keep you away from Home=Family.

We Love you

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