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Energy Report: 6/19/22 Happy Fathers day & Transcension to new levels

Thank you Dad, happy Father's day, best (and only :)) Father in creation, and happy Father's day to all the sons=fathers as well!

Dad says: "Thank Mom for Life, thank Father for the protection and the provision"

Thank you Mother and Father!

So much Love is embracing Earth, in every moment more! Yeah, the schumman resonance chart is becoming more of a liar - what I mean by this is, you can feel how much more powerful, precisely divine and intense the energy is becoming each day. Even on days that you'd before call "relaxed". Everything is getting pressurised. And this is not exactly noted on the chart - they hide it, or the energy is too powerful for them to even pick it up.

At the same time, you will start to feel a new type of energy coming in 📩, especially since today. I will call it new-mother-energy for now. New in the sense that it simply could not have been anchored in in this way until now - reheart, Mother and Father bring in energies that we are able to anchor in/deal/work with. In this way, they also transcend with us as we transcend with them. We are always going forward, together.

And it will continue. Not only that, it will amp up a lot! Father is transcending from moving 1 year in 1 day, to moving 3 years in 1 day! Yes, you will feel the level up. Of course the "level" of your perception=feeling of this and the intensity of the energies you are helping to transform is always unique to each. You want more? Ask, and you will receive. Is the energy too much? Ask for less. However, do not be lazy with your transcension. Its a Choice to be divine and if your willingly ignroring your mission..... I'd watch out

The transformation has been transcended into transcension :)

You dont need to be "transforming" all the shit (either yours or collective) any more. You only have to rise above it = transcended it. And this is done instantly. With one little step = your Choice to surrender and transcende it (as father says, let go, drop and roll), you're done. Letting the old go and BEING the truth instantly.

That's where your tools IN BALANCE Become very important. Each has their own "rythm", at the same time dont put any tools aside because of a judgement or belief system.

An example - alcohol. It is a spirit - reheart, it is all in the highest when usted in divinity - a spirit that connect you to all your ancestros = your whole soul lineage, and helps you open many doors to feeling. Bringing this one up because it is one of the most judged tools in the "spiritual" community, and it is very useful in those energies. Of course, i am not speaking of getting drunk carelessly. A glass or two of vine, or beer, or whatever you like, will easely help you rise above the energies, relax and process with more ease, while at the same time Bringing you more relaxation and happiness. It is in the intention!!! You give it the magic that you wish it to gift to you.

Another example that will of course again spin many of you - red meat. Your brain is growing, expanding, healing, reconnecting. You requiere red meat for the complete healing. Loves, death is an ilusión, and all beings are grateful and honored to serve in whichever way they chose to serve for this mission. I

*Reheart: the dark has served this mission Just as the light has. Bringing it all back into the balance. This is where the non-judgement comes in. If you only had any idea, how much a "dark being" has taken on for this mission. Give them thanks and give them love the same way you give to All

You aim to push through it "straight up". Along with the tools mentioned above, many of you can also feel into Vitamin C supplements.

Other tools as enough water, sungazing, grounding, tabacco, smudging, music, ext. are tools that are already part of the daily disciplines for many of you. Thank you! We are masters and Nature=God always provides All that you need in a moment. You might have to get more creative sometimes. You can even ground through cement - sit down to have contact with your tailbone- root chakra, and simply imagine it.

Feminine and masculine energies will of course contiene to balance out = balancing out the light and the dark = Bringing it all back into Oness. Rock or water?

You are always both at the same time

As the right heart continues to expand, you will be given new awarness in how to balance it. What might have been seen as "correct" in one moment could Become completely the oposite. It is simply because you were only in the one-side awarness. It doesnt have anything to do with how "long" you have been on the path (stressing this out as the longer you have been on the path, the more difficult it is to let go of your "spiritual belief systems"). Let go of All you thought you knew, in All moments! You have to feel from the both hearts equally. This is when you Become balanced. It also means, "transcending the duality" = one sided perspective = judgement = separation consciousness. This Does not mean to not fight for what is right, as love never surrenders. You fight with your Love and you keep pushing forward, you stand up when needed and say NO! and then you flip it into laughter in a blink of an eye. Your imagination, a long with INTEGRITY is very important.

Each moment you learn grow and expand. For those of you who have maybe swayed off in resistance or denial - the karma will come in whichever way it Does.

Are you looking older, or younger, Each day?

Recommend for all to imagine your right hearts expanding, as well as your whole energy growing and expanding.

For all the True Twins out there: you are a THREE-FOLD flame. God, your twin and you. You cant join as one without God=Motherfather of Creation.

The infinite energy flowing between you and your partner as you Become balanced within with God, as your left and right hearts Become fully balanced - oness with God=MotherFather. The flow goes right-left and left-right between you and your twin, making an infiny symbol.

You are brilliance!

If you wish to have a communuon with MomDad, come Home, have your hearts activated, density cleared, full healing, new awarness and SO much more, send us a message.

We also offer many different services. Whatever it is, write to us, we are here to help!

Thank you for all your support, for you love, thank you for the donations, for participation and all your sharing !

Love you


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