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For The Unrelenting Spirit of GODS Soldiers! 🗡

Things are coming together,

Now more than ever,

The wave is over the horizon,

The whores came marching to the land of never,

Marching to the gallows to pull the lever, there’s no time better,

They have anger in their face,

Little do they know we’re plan setters,

Little do they know this is our plan they embrace, and we’re the ones pulling the levers.

Torches, pitchforks, dense whores,

You did the same thing to Jesus,

The same to JFK, the same to Caesar while in his court,

The same thing to Cleopatra when you poured,

You don’t see it now, but when I come you’ll soar,

Insolent whores washed up on the sea shore,

Charging like boars at the face of light, death, and allure,

They seem so sure, swinging those swords,

I’ll bore into you and leave a river of gore,

So you can leak all your evil and see the beauty in store.

Now as things come together,

I sharpen my sword, I cure leather,

I’m striving over war to create a world that’s better. 🔥 For a long time, the truth has been obscured, and finding it means adversity looms from the people who haven't seen it yet. In the face of such challenges, We must find the courage to stand unwavering in our convictions. Even when the world may not see or understand, let us hold steadfast to the truth within us. All of us have worked very hard to think and feel independently & master our energy in order to feel truth in our hearts. We all seek a better world, For the people on the side of god instead of whorish programming, it is in these moments of unwavering commitment that we can inspire change, illuminate the path forward, and ultimately shape a world that embraces the often uncomfortable but necessary power of truth and authenticity!

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