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Message from Master Adama

Imagine how it feels to have something that is truly yours to keep, something that fills you with purpose and completeness, limitless energy and passion, determination. something that no matter how hard anyone tries, can never be taken away

This is how it feels to be your higher self, savoring each moment , knowing it is the only thing you have, and it is yours to keep, if you cherish it, it may just last forever

Imagine a feeling of happiness that grows every moment, and even when you try to stop it your efforts are in futility. What will you do?

If god wanted to give you everything are you ready to accept it?

Readiness is just a falsity when the future is so uncertain, the end always near

We have only ever had but one moment to act , right now,.

If you want something, what other moment will you have to acquire it for your self in?

Acknowledging your death is the same as acknowledging your life, embracing the awsome mysterious ness of both with an attitude of enththusiasim

The smallest act is just the same as the biggest, a master levregages this fact and blesses all of creation with simple effortless gestures, they stand balanced holding all spheres , wielding limitless power of eternity

There is no future, no past, there is only now. This is when every moment occurs, as has always been

Love you

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