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Miracles & Magic a natural expression of Mother & Father God

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Every day Mother and Father God breath life, light and divine love in to my heart that raises me up and encourages me to keep going along the path of ascension.

In moments of great challenge they are always here with with me, creating miracles where ever I go to confirm that God is here and the benevolent support of the universe is behind all that I do, in co-creating my dreams into manifestation that serve the hight frequency timeline of a joy filled expression and experience here on earth.

Miracles materialise before my eyes in the form of money appearing in my account from unknown source, essential oil orders that I never placed or paid for are delivered to my mailbox, job opportunity presenting them selves that I prayed for, their always being a parking place when I go down the st, people always being so kind, solution to my challenges always appearing and blazing hope alway arising when ever it is needed for me to keep moving forward in alignment with the sacred heart path.

And the constant confirmation that I get to choose my divine path and live my hearts prayer.

Thank you mother and father for the constant protection, miracles and healing magic that your love and unwavering support provides in the face of the darknesses great illusion.

Love you always and forever

To the sacred children of God, let's rise in mother and fathers love and shine bright like the dimonds we are 💎

Together we can create a loving and benevolent future which blesses all of creation.


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