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Oracle Cards 5/14/22

What a day everyone!

How was your Friday 13th? The luckiest day it is. Energy was popping on our side all around us. Allow it to be popped when needed. No resistance

The cancer around Father's 3 hearts is 97% done. The cancer has been cleared for humanity, Father is now finishing up the last of his own cancer - he has had it for 6 years before coming to mission.

His 3rd heart was beating slower last two days, as the last of it is pushed through. Wait until dad starts running around again! Powerful energies everyone!

Honor yourself by honoring God

Father has anchored in the 5th realm yesterday, moving to the 6th today.

Lots of transformations in the teeth and throat again today. Clear communication is the base for any kind of relationship. Don't hole back your words, humanity, as they are very powerful - in the same sense, be aware of what you are saying to yourself or others - you are very powerful.

God said Let There Be Light

Compassion for everyone - you never know what the other person is going through, or why. Your judgement is your own prison

Very Soon and Water cards again today. Which card is pulling for your attention? Give it some moments

Today's numbers are 115 and 108

115: a clear sign that positive changes are on their way, align your thoughts and actions to receive the change. Wisdom, Introspection, independence, intuition

108: Unity and wholeness of existence. Wow! Spiritual completion, joy

Some interesting events from hUStory today:

-1984 Declaration of Israel's statehood

-1998 death of Frank Sinatra

-2015 death of B.B. King

-1804 "Corps of Discovery" expedition from Missouri to Pacific coast

-1796 first vaccination for smallpox

-1643 Four-year-old Louis XIV ascended the throne of France.

Love you

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