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Oracle Energy Report 3/3/23: Rocket Speed; Body Upgrades & Symptoms

Crazy, crazy, CRAZY Schumann!


No seatbelts guys!

Enjoy the ride!!

Not having fun? Must be the density your not letting go off ;)

Some body pains are normal

Many things going on "behind the scenes"

Many upgrades to the physical vessel as well

Here is a short summary of what's currently going on. For more info, watch the video:

  • mom can do so much! now through dad

  • Mom&Dad very grateful for the family

  • Moving location. Energies of "wanting God out" and "God being detained" (along the process of this, mom and dad met many beings who were with them - and in similar situations as now as well - from the Jesus lifetime. The beings remembered it! )

  • Going through the energies of rape. All kinds of rape (rape of the earth & its' beings, "energy vampirism", people being decieved ECT).

  • Fever 108°

  • 3 new elements

  • Headaches

  • Bone healing

  • Bone repositioning (especially shoulders, collar bones, ribs, spine, hips, knees)

  • Bone in the ear - recalibration, better hearing of energies, telepathy

  • Healing the eyes. Seeying more energies

  • Teeth regeneration

  • Microvave not affecting any more (especially prisons)

  • Cement is our friend now!!!

Push yourself to be greater!

You are so loved

If you need assistance, send us a message


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