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Return of the Bird Tribes

The Divine Mother of ALL Creation, Encourages Us to Read

"The Gathering of the Bird Tribes," Ken Carey

Involving the Tree of Peace and the Five Nation League, comprised of the Iroquois, Seneca, Mohawk, Oneida, and Onondagas, and Hiawatha's Role in

THE GREAT LAW OF PEACE. Hiawatha was able to Successfully Create a Peaceful Society. Hiawatha is back, in a Physical Vessel, to Lead us to


The Great White Buffalo Calf-Pipe Woman, Returned to Planet Earth = Heart,

in a Physical Vessel, as Promised. Most of Humanity was/ is stuck in

The "Too, Good, to be True," Programming, and Missed the Missing Link, while she was here in a Physical Vessel. Thankfully, PachaMaMa, Sophia-Gaia, MOM, UNITED Planet Earth = Heart, SHE, Showed Us the way, UP!! The only way out, is IN.

FEELING with Our Hearts, is a stART. There's only one way to go from here, UP!!!

We, descended from 7th Heaven, or, Higher, into 3D Duality.

MOM, BLAZED the Trail, and Discovered the Virus of the 3D Flip False Matrix is The EGO PROGRAMMED MIND. EGO = Edging God Out.

It's Highest Wisdom to Put MOM, FIRST, ALWAYS!!

ALL, Thanks, Praises, Honor & Glory, to Our Divine Mother of ALL Creation.


the density of this ill-usion. MOM, is ALWAYS AHEAD OF HER TIME!!

It is a humble honor to be in Divine Service to Divine Love in ALL MOMents.

It has been said, "To whom much is given, much is expected."


Infinite LOVE, Infinite Gratitude, Infinite Glory, to Our Prime Source Creator.

ALL of CREATION, Will, once again KNOW, & Give Honor & Respect to Our Divine Mother of ALL Creation, and R-E-S-P-E-C-T ALL HER Creatures GREAT & small. Mother Earth is a Sentient Being, and, SHE, Will Be Treated with utmost RESPECT!!

Re-Heart, many times a day, to put Prime Source Creator, FIRST, in ALL that You Say, Think, Feel, Do. GIVE THANKS, for Every Breath you take, and every move you make. Live Your Life A Living Prayer.

TIME, to Give Reverence to Our Prime Source Creator.

In humble Service to Divine Love,

Sunshine LOVE Dove

Discover our greatest potential, step in to our full consciousness, reheart our divine missions, rediscover truth, love, clarity and joy, upgrade DNA, balance energies, clear density, reconnect with our angel teams, clear ancestral lines, clear blocks by booking an awakening and healing communion with Mother Father of all creation NOW. Are we ready for the golden ticket to heaven?
Participating in a communion with Mother Father of all creation and Son, all of creation, heaven consciousness fast tracks our progress in reaching full consciousness and bring us more into oneness: Trillions years ago, love decided to experience love in the physical embodiment, the divine plan was activated. Through the Lucifer (illusion and bringer of light) experience, the greatest love of all would meet eye to eye, as love sees love, with the mirror of the greatest love of all, as brilliance mirrors brilliance. To do this, love merged with unknowable, as Mother Father of all creation, for the experience of the dark and light, yin yang, to become whole, balanced again. Each were sent to extreme sides of the entire spectrum. Darkest = lightest. Lightest = darkest The game is to reheart rediscover the greatest love of all ‐ which is the love of our soul parents who birthed humanity, all of creation and our highest selves, in complete oneness = ascension. Mother Father of all creation designed the divine plan for all children to experience and to come to an inner knowing to the question "What does the greatest love of all feel?" Mother Father have successfully accomplished this task, so now all of humanity must accomplish to receive our gifts of love, to come home to Mother Father, our soul parents in the physical on earth, to feel this love and self love from within of ourselves. Humanity has prayed for Mother Father of all creation to be here to assist us to stand up ourselves, we are all contracted to find Mother Father in the physical this life. We say come home and participate!

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