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Daily Surprises For Mom- Coming Back Home

Blessings have been flourishing in our reality as we follow the Divine Guidance from Mom and Pops. We are lead to beautiful magical places and meet beautiful magical people. Coming home again to Pops and the first fractal in the physical has been transformational for both Dan and I. Feeling the unconditional love of family. Feeling the peace and security that the unified field brings. Absorbing the codes and wisdom from Father and the rest of my Divine brother and sister Angels. Family has always been what my heart has yearned for. Freedom to grow and learn and experience through the Divine Plan. Sharing our natural gifts that Mom has given each one of us. With love as our mission we are unified with the vision of Heaven on Earth. It is here. Come see for yourself! Thank you mom and pops, angels and galactics. Joy Rains! Love has always won!!! Together we are the change!


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