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The Holy Realm of One, Holy Waters & Seed of Christ=Life, New astro cycle, DivinePlan update 9/20/23

The waters of Heaven are singing a new song

The waters of earth are changing

Water=Life=Blood of Mother Earth

The Holy Waters from Heaven brought back in an evolved way :D

Your blood is upgrading along with it. Feeling more and more diamond-like and very light each time.

Drink lots of water and take care of your system

The Seed of Adam=Christ=Origin has been seeds throughout Creation. Allow it to grow. Remember our Source as MotherFather. They never left, we forgot

Family coming back together

The flow of Oness through the Hearts of Creation


Tap into your Superpowers, the individuality of your being. New knowledge coming back along with old rememberance


Anchor in you "higher self". Bring it into your body

Bursts of joy, laughter, love. Expand it from the heart

Bursts of Heart-openings. Allow it to open up. It is expanding SO MUCH! No resistance, pure Bliss=love=truth

Both men and woman have their "period". We all have a cycle. The masculine cycle is coming in big time! Allow the imbalances in the cycle to smoothe out

New astrological cycle has begun! The planets are hitting in with their NEW EARTH energies, the energy of planetary bodies is evolving, affecting all the astrological signs and all cycles on earth. Feel into their NEW ROLES

Jesus = Jeez, us

THE SIMPLICITY OF LIFE is part of our quest. ALL WE DO THROUGH THE PHYSICAL BECOMES REALITY OVERTAKING THE DIMENTIA OF HUMANITY. Live a simple life full of love in service. We break through the old system

Love and blessings

Welcome Home!

For a more detailed explanation of the current happening in the Divine Plan watch the video below:

++++ thank you sister T for creating this beautiful water code drawing !!! It is spot on!

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