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True Love, The Dance

The Unified field of Mother and Father of All Creation produces the highest love in all moments. The unified field extends to the planet shaping the one experience. How do we respond when this love is felt? Do we instead react out of fear that this love is somehow finite or only possible in a certain time frame? Or do we alternately adopt trust and patience in our hearts, set our nerves aside and embrace the moment as love leads us onto the dance floor. With no script and no compass love asks you to let go of your mispercieved flaws and imperfections. Leaving you vulnerable and exposed. You want to dance naturally yet sometimes it can feel as if your soul is holding back. You've seen this room before, and walked this floor plenty of times, and danced the night away only to discover that perhaps you're not good enough. Or that others had taken for granted what you willingly have given time and moment again throughout your life. What can we do other than put our best foot forward and surrender? Each and every time. Losing all control and opening up an experience you cannot see the result of. Like someone is holding our hand, again walking us through a now renewed mystery house that brings our shock and stress right in front of our blindfolded face. To feel it and not see it, for you blindfolded yourself so many times before that its comfortable. You dont like to see the pain presented to you so deeply in yourself for you love yourself too, and dancing alone became a shield, rather than a way to bond with yourself. A practice of guarding ones hearts, rather than an exploration of self creativity. In the forest, With the rain, Through the mountains, in front of the mirror, when everyone leaves, or perhaps you excuse yourself. You hid your true self from the world to protect yourself. And you told yourself that as long as everyone else is having fun and laughing you will be just fine and happy. For without your influence the joy of this love remains strong and intact. As if somehow you are not included in the all encompassing love of God, Mother and Father of all Creation.

Where is Your true self that is Fearless, unwaivering, and much more resplendent in the dark nights than you give yourself credit for? Afterall, you are still here on the planet, and no one may know how strong you really are other than yourself. How would they though? When you cast your own self off of the dance floor and put yourself in a place that forms the illusion of security. After doing this for too long, humanity has begun to experience a phenomenon where their thoughts are starting to overlay into reality. Creating an illusionary reflection back to the being that they are always being judged and critiqued or mocked or attacked. The School systems, Religions, and Politcal theatrics, have been there since an early age to make you feel the need to protect yourself, further compounding the effect that we carry with us to the dance floor. Telling you youre not a part of the elite, that your nothing but a speck in the wheel of creation, and why try, for you already have plenty of times.

This of course is not true and you are by birth adorned with the blessings of heaven on Earth, The more you have closed yourself off, the greater the climb, over that wall of insecurity and out of that shell of compromise. However through persistence and dedication the wall can be scaled, and the shell cracked open to reveal yourself. The pearl inside the clam that shines evervescent in the glimmer of the moonlight twinkling through fractals of glassy waters. Those shining hearts you have dance with God to no particular cadence, for the rhythm you dance with Gods Love is always new and different. And the missteps that we used to criticize ourselves for, turn into the miracle expansions that inspire the moment to continue on. A love so powerful and unknowable that every dance feels like a new dance. And that dream you spoke of, sang about, or wrote down, becomes ever more concievable. It becomes true as your true you thrives in the blessing of Mother and Fathers Love.

You are beautiful beyond your own comprehension, and the service you are capable of becomes exponentially expansive when we loosen up and step onto the shiny floor. God has sent out an invitation, and you are invited. Yes you! And to those of Gods children standing in the corner with your hands in your pockets while the music plays . . .ive known you for a long time, and i am you. You need not falter anymore in the moments where Mother and Father call your name, because your soul sings an exclusive tune that delights our God Parents and sends contagious joy rippling out from your hearts on earth, and into the skys, stars, and cosmic tapestry forever.

Thank you Mother and Father of all Creation, and the council of supporting Ascendants. In the Light and Beauty of Pure Joy,


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