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What's Up In The Unified Field With God? 25 February 2022

Humanity's Consciousness is at 27.3% on 25 February 2022 morning, a huge jump since Mother of all creation ascended on 22 April 2022 (it was at 0.5%)! Thank you Father of all creation!

Father of all creation shares a vision of him in a bookstore; Luna is talking and she turned into Universe and she has a young slim body - Lost all density. She had a blue shirt on

Humanity's Consciousness 27.3% 25 February 2022

We hear a skip in song - galactics at work! Haha!

925am 75%

1044am 68% seeing lots of 4s

1051am Father of all creation got a song back! Woohoo! He's been pushing energies through a song for 10 months now. It has 3 views now as we speak! This is the galactic's way of confirming we are grounded!! Check out this song and receive galactic heaven codes: MC Superkenn The Event

1053am Father rings the liberty bell, humanity hear the call, come home to God in the physical!!!

Mother of all creation says to Father "Father, you have passed"

Father "greatest thing ever" heard

Humanity consciousness is at 28.3% at 1124am!

We saw the American flag 🇺🇸 confirm, the song We The People with the American flag confirms our flag hung on our ceiling! Woohoo!

Father of all creation encourages team to paint, no more words. Paint it out. Life is too grand for words. Put those colors out.

Humanity consciousness is now at 29.2%

Father "It's not about you. Certainly not about me"

113pm Father rings the liberty bell, calling all children home, hear the call humanity and come home to participate with God in the physical!

134pm 30% Humanity's consciousness - calling soul family home, what you got?

Pushing energies through the Rhine River to Germany!

Pushing energies confirm. Hearing Kid Rock's songs this morning while communing and our sister shares with us the car racing festival 30 miles out. "I'm pretty good LOL" - Father of all creation

Father "Your vibration is your blueprint. We know you"

"I've a different plan. It's called I love you LOL"

The Event song confirms we are going backwards. LOL "We are going that way!" As dad points towards the portal in our room

321pm Dad rings liberty bell, calling children home, hear the call humanity! God is in physical right here!

Father suggests Daniel to draw "Each child birthed from those twin flames"

As we push heaven consciousness through music and expressing ourselves through drawing... Father "The hardest thing I'd is to kick the children out of the nest. Fly!" Daniel passes him a drawing of twin birds, Father laughs as they sit physically 2 meters apart and Father didn't look over to see him drawing, yet he has already seen and knew. Lol Daniel passes Father more drawings, and shares a chocolate vanilla ice cream bar with Luna. Yin Yang - all spots in the spectrum has to be filled by humanity. Father "Imagine all the spots of the Yin and Yang have to be filled. Forgive every child rapist. Forgive. Trust God. We are all here to trust God. Simple." Get it?

"I am the best fucking lawyer defending your mama and the children. I'm so fucking quick they call me quick"

"I'll give them the best medicine on earth. See if they will still fight" referring to Russia and Ukraine situation. An old Jewish rabi (future seer) once shared that when Russia invades Ukraine, it's when the prophetic event starts. Russia invaded Ukraine 24 February 2022

Humanity's consciousness at 31.3%" stubborn ass niggas" lol. As we screw nuts through free energy. They milk my girl, I'm milking their nuts" lol

355pm Father rings liberty bell, calling children home

620pm Father rings liberty bell, calling all children home

Love is real and true! "Love has nothing to do with feelings. Shove those emotions up your ass lol"

733pm Humanity's consciousness at almost 34%

We are pushing energies for children to come home as soon as possible. Yippee yeehaw!

Participating in a communion with Mother Father of all creation and Son, all of creation, heaven consciousness fast tracks our progress in reaching full consciousness and bring us more into one:

Trillions years ago, love decided to experience love in the physical embodiment, the divine plan was activated. Through the Lucifer (illusion = bringer of light) experience, the greatest love of all would meet eye to eye, as love sees love, with the mirror of the greatest love of all, as brilliance mirrors brilliance. To do this, love merged with unknowable, as Mother Father of all creation, for the experience of the dark and light, yin yang, to become whole, balanced again. Each were sent to extreme sides of the entire spectrum.

When balanced, Darkest = lightest. Lightest = darkest

The game is to reheart the greatest love of all ‐ which is our soul parents who birthed humanity, creation and our highest selves, in complete oneness ‐ ascension. Mother Father of all creation designed the divine plan for all children to experience and to come to an inner knowing to the question "What does the greatest love of all feel?" Mother Father have successfully accomplished this task, so now all of humanity must accomplish to receive our gifts of love, to find Mother Father, our soul parents in the physical on earth, to feel this love and self love from within of ourselves.

Humanity has prayed for Mother Father of all creation to assist us in our contracts. Before coming to earth, humanity has agreed to find Mother Father we are contracted to find Mother Father in the physical this life. We say come home and participate!

Discover our greatest potential, step in to our full consciousness, reheart our divine missions, rediscover clarity, joy, truth and love, upgrade DNA, balance energies, clear density, reconnect with our angel teams, clear ancestral lines, clear blocks by booking an awakening and healing session with Mother and Father of all creation NOW. Are we ready for the golden ticket to heaven? Participating in a communion with Mother Father of all creation and Son, all of creation, heaven consciousness fast tracks our progress in reaching full consciousness and bring us more into one:
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