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Angel number 636; angel guide and message from Mother Father of all creation's crew

When we see special numbers such as 636, Mother, Father of all creation and our angel guides are reassuring us that our connections with our angelic guides are strong and reaching out to us to share these important messages and to make direct contact with our creators Mother Father

Each being on this planet have a specialized angelic crew that speak to us in all moments through Mother and Father, numbers, signs, feathers, dreams and animals etc

The number 636 elevates us into the direction of positive assurance, things are falling into place. YES!

The current energies of now are strong in creating a home filled with happiness, warmth and positivity. We find ourselves well connected to areas of home

More family meals together, healthier chats, relatives who ignored us offer a hot soup, moving into home improvement, decor, being offered job opportunities in nurturing children, more bedtime stories with our children, cooking bigger meals for the home crew

Feelings and situations of homelessness turn into homeliness

This is motivation, when we realize we have everything we need now

We find it relatively easy to develop a new career in today's energies - progress, knowledge, capabilities

Help to correct negative feelings is here, and willingness to accept guidance is key

Always, accept responsibility

With love and gratitude

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